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Ah. Thanks for the help!


An easy way to check is with either cl_showfps (preferred method, should never show 100 and above) or net_graph (should show up to 100.0, never above)


So I wanted to mess around with the upside down Half-Life Quadrazid showcased on his youtube channel. I’m using NGHL and simply replaced the two dll files resulting in a crash when trying to load a map. How am I meant to install this?

Also, I have BunnyMod XT working through NGHL as well.


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The standard depends on what your goal is. I’ll assume that you’re wanting to run SS/RTA and that you’ll want to submit to the leaderboards as that’s the most popular format currently, if not then the setup is not that much different anyway.

If you didn’t alter the DLL settings in the NGHL installation, then it will come with a custom client.dll and hl.dll by default (the client.dll is Rofi’s Client DLL and the hl.dll is an old Bunnymod DLL). This setup cannot be used if you’re wanting to submit to the leaderboards.

Bunnymod XT, Bunnymod Pro and the original Bunnymod versions are not the same. Brief descriptions:

[ul][li]BXT - External tool/software that injects into your game which provides useful HUD info. Also includes TAS features. This is the standard for both SS/RTA and segmented runs nowadays because it is compatible with almost any game/mod under the GoldSource engine.[/li]
[li]BPro - A mod (i.e a folder that goes in your Half-Life directory) that provides useful HUD info, trigger displays, customizable mechanics such as crowbar damage and bhop cap etc. This used to be the standard for both SS/RTA and segmented runs, but is becoming obsoleted by BXT due to the wider engine compatibility and new features. Not allowed to be used for leaderboard submissions due to mod-exclusive features and a combination of version specific differences which provide a direct advantage over a vanilla game run.[/li]
[li]“Original bunnymod” (i.e pre-BPro) - Consists of many versions across different developers. Not relevant anymore but mentioning because this is what that hl.dll mentioned above is based off of (NGHL is really old).[/li][/ul]
Onto your main questions (again, this is assuming you’re wanting to submit to the leaderboards):

  1. There’s just a couple of things you need. The first is the “WON Package”, which is a mod (folder) simply containing the DLLs from the pre-Steam (WON) version of the game which doesn’t have the capped bhop speed. The second is BXT, which gives you your in-game (without loading times) time. Both of these contain a readme for instructions on how to use.

  2. When running with the WON Package, your framerate (fps_max) should be set to 100 if you’re using NGHL (the FPS counter will show 99 but don’t let this confuse you). If you decide to start using the current Steam client it should be set to 99.5 due to a false fix implemented that adds .5 to whatever value you specify in order to try and fix the fact that it displays 99 when it’s actually 100 (if you specify 100 it’ll be set to 100.5 which isn’t legit). You are allowed to change your framerate mid-game as it’s useful for some tricks, just as long as it doesn’t go over 100.

For your mouse problem I’d recommend using RInput, it’s a simple injection that fixes acceleration and other mouse-related bugs for various games.


hi, i have the steam version of hl1, but since i live in germany there are robots, and i cant make the skip at weve got hostiles coz scientists just sit and get hurt instead of dying, can any1 help me with getting the normal version, i tried out the regedit thing, and it didnt work plz help ._.


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Okay, so now for a real problem:

I posted this yesterday, but I guess I deleted it. I installed NGHL on another computer, and whenever I try to run hl.exe, the program launches, but the disappears from task manager. I’ve already done all the compatibility shit, and all that.


^Try adding -soft -w 640 -h 480 to the properties and see if it runs because it might be trying to render in D3D or OpenGL and failing. Also what are the computers specs?


Yeah specs and crash reports or debug code might help. When I had that issue I just re-installed without rofis client DLL and it worked fine. But then I was using windows xp VMs on a debian machine so I used to get a lot of issues with NGHL. Probably re-installed once a week or some shit at one point.


What else is running in the background?
Try launching it with Steam closed and disable User Account Control (UAC), if it’s not already disabled.


Also some people had problems with DEP enabled on hl.exe. Disable DEP for it. Why would you even use NGHL anyway?


I have a specific problem with NGHL which is that i cant get over 60fps and i have tried developer1, fps_max and different machines but it still wont go over 60.
Any ideas?


Disable VSync for hl.exe in your graphics card driver settings.


Because I feel like it?


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Hey SourceRunners! Just made my account and am excited about learning HL1 hard no scripts category.

Would there be anyone here that I could add on Steam that could help me out installing the correct DLL’s and BXT as well as maybe some noobie questions from time to time?

If anyone could get back to me in the next few hours i’d really appreciate it, i want to start practicing with the correct version ASAP! thanks a lot. ;D

my steam trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=117737647&token=GT3Y4N1c


That URL doesn’t work, you’re betting off using your SteamID URL (https://steamcommunity.com/id/).

Anyway, if this is the correct profile, I’ve added you.


This is my first youtube upload, ever… lol

9 seconds of a crap trick in office complex - But, I wanted to see if people could let me know if it looked okay on their monitors.
I used Vegas Pro v11.0, just following the wiki guide and whatever tips I picked up with trial and error. never used it before in my life or done anything like this tbh. Also, goes without saying my bhop is probably still a bit sloppy.

Second video! Bit longer and colours are different. Plus I used VirtualDub with this one as well.
Just a silly little trick over the fence at the end of Q/E. Please, if you can, tell me what it looks like on your monitors - what could be done to improve image quality.