valve_WON view in-game info


So I installed the valve_WON for NGHL and i cant start the timer, view triggers, or view my ups. Is there something I can do about this?

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Are you using BXT?


No and I don’t want to.


valve_WON is just a mod that contains the DLLs from the WON (Pre-Steam) versions of Half-Life, so you can’t get any custom HUD features like that without using BXT.


Well shit I guess I’ll go get that then.


While we’re on the subject of BXT…

Unless it’s some speedrunning secret :stuck_out_tongue: how do you get your alias next to your armor? i.e in hl21 it says quadrazid or coolkid etc when they are running that segment. Is it just an editing overlay? Or can i set a hud variable for that? Thanks.


Video editing magic


thought so :frowning:

Might as well ask though ;D Thanks


And while we’re still on topic I guess I need help launching Bunnymod XT. I already put the BunnyModXT.dll into the injector folder. From HERE it says that I simply launch the game then launch the injector. So I launched valve_WON and then I opened the injector.sln. I am completely new to Visual Studio so I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Do I have to run the injector from there or something? I tried pressing “Test” and “Build Solution” (I think that just makes the .sln file though…) and I am completely clueless how to use this. Somebody please help.


Don’t launch injector.sln, launch injector.exe. You don’t need to use Visual Studio.