Feedback on bunnyhop


Hi, I have not been able to create youtube videos, so I am uploading a .dem here of my not-so-good bhop, so you guys could possibly give me your criticisms (and it’ll be good to watch for a laugh)

Nothing exciting. It’s just bunnyrace_beta with some grenade boosts to practice my air strafing and also maintaining speed while landing (I’m really bad at that)

Played on NGHL using hlspbunny
I have a lot of issues with frame rates fluctuating, so I play at 83.333fps just because it personally gives me the best results. but I don’t put this down to my sloppy bhop. I think it’s my technique rather than my hardware/software

so yeah! Any help would be cool, if you want more .dems I got loads. Thanks!!

mouse sensitivity is 1.4
joystick look
mouse filter

my bhop script

alias +bhop "alias _special _h;_h"
alias _h "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;special"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
bind alt "+bhop"

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I don’t really have any criticisms, your movement seems fine; bunnyhopping is just one of those things you need to repeatedly do and practice to get better at it.

I’m a little bit confused by this though:

Are you actually using a joystick? If not, you should disable that and probably disable the filter. For the smoothest mouse movement I’d recommend using RInput, which might also help your bhop a little.


Thanks! That is good to know! I always assumed I was really sloppy.

as for this.

No, I am not. But I saw it was set one day and I turned it off. But then I felt my bhop was really poor? So I flicked it back on and it somehow felt smoother and better…Same thing with mouse filter, I’ve no idea why, or even if it helps. maybe it’s like a placebo or some shit - lol. Thanks for the help. I will look into RInput and report back at a later date.


If you’re used to mouse accel then you can leave it as is or you can build your muscle memory for raw input without mouse accel. There are great people using either of those methods.


Yeah, I just had a quick session with RInput. And also tried some new launch parameters to my hl.exe but I really preferred it the way I had it. I think it is cool to use RInput maybe for bhop maps and if you’re really quite good already and stuff. but I only really run the games maps and I could improve by other means before I use RInput or some other form of movement tool aid(no flame, dunno what else to call it lol.) I did, however, improve my PB on the c1a* maps just now using RInput. But I think if I tried hard enough and tweaked my movements a bit better, I could quite easily get that smooth without it.

side note; Also I find that WON versions of the game generally run a hell-of-a-lot smoother than Steam and NGHL on my PC. Perhaps it’s just me.

Thanks for the help PJC I will 100% keep RInput to play with when I feel like trying a fairly difficult bhop map. Also, excellent work on the Decay run.

edit; a quick run of the same map, no grenade boosts. just with RInput. I can notice the difference after a while lol But still ^^ what I said up there stands. LMAO at the two fucks up at the start. Wasn’t used to the accel I was getting. jokes. N00b


RInput is not a “movement aid”, the mouse acceleration is your personal preference just like sensitivity.


Yeah, totally agree! I just didn’t know what else to describe it as at the time and it pretty much aided in me getting a better strafe and overal bhop! Which was my aim in asking for comments on my demos. But I feel after playing with RInput on and off on numerous maps, I prefer to have it off. I liked it for maps like destructo_hops and another one I forgot the name of. because I could actually get round the whole the thing :stuck_out_tongue: albeit, at a minor speed, compared to the greats.

But since then I have manged to do it without RInput! Which I am pretty stoked about.