Object Boost script not working


the obbo script dont seem to work for me it only says unknown command obbo in console. what do i do?

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try executing userconfig.cfg before using the script?


It didnt work :frowning: :-\


Are you sure you have the whole script in your config and not just the bind?


You may have made the mistake I made when I first started to use object boosting scripts.

I put the whole lot of obbo alias’ in my userconfig, when really you should just choose the optimal speed you need to clear most boosts/How much speed you need.

I.E just have one of these

alias obbo2000 "+use;w11;-use;+jump;w;-jump"

And then bind the your key of choice to obbo2000 - or whatever you chose, and it should work :slight_smile:

If you didn’t make that mistake then sorry. Try seeing for spelling errors within your obbo script!

Also! Edit to add, make sure you have the corresponding “Wait” commands available for your chosen speed.