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Goldsource movement
config, scripts and alias basics


Weapon statistics
Console commands and variables
Launch options
wait aliases, useful for advanced scripting


Half-Life - NGHL, New Gauge Half-Life, complete HL build by rofi
Half-Life - 1999’
hlspbunny pro by YaLTeR
hlspbunny v4.2r by rofi
rofi’s client dll, speedometer among other tweaks mainly for multiplayer
Half-Life Patch, can be used to downgrade as well
Red crosshair dot, 3x3 pixels
blank ambient sounds shut up sound
ag_longjump2.bsp, practice your jumps
agtricks.bsp classic bhop map, meant for adrenaline gamer (sv_maxspeed 300)
BSP Viewer, view detailed information in the maps without decompiling

Half-Life GCF: bit.ly/1l7xZ49
Blue Shift GCF: bit.ly/JyzJ8e
Opposing Force GCF: bit.ly/1l72Gqc
GCFscape: bit.ly/1lEP3Mh

Useful speedrunning scripts

alias bh1 "+jump;alias bh@ bh2;special"
alias bh2 "wait;alias bh@ bh3;special"
alias bh3 "-jump;alias bh@ bh4;special"
alias bh4 "wait;alias bh@ bh1;special"
alias +bh "alias _special bh@;bh1"
alias -bh "alias _special;-jump"

alias +dd "-duck;wait;+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck"
alias -dd -duck

alias +duckroll "alias _special duckroll;duckroll"
alias -duckroll "alias _special"
alias duckroll "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;special"

alias gauss "cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;-attack2;wait;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;wait;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999"

alias quse "-use;wait;+use;wait;-use"

//object boost @ 100fps
alias obbo2000 "+use;w11;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1500 "+use;w10;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1300 "+use;w9;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1000 "+use;w8;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo800 "+use;w7;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo600 "+use;w6;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo500 "+use;w5;-use;+jump;w;-jump"

Demo record and pause alias

bind v "reset;pause1;load 3"

bind e stopp

alias pause1 "host_framerate 0.000000001;sensitivity 0;bind mouse2 pause0"
alias pause0 "record temp;host_framerate 0;sensitivity 1;bind mouse2 +attack2" //SENS&BINDs
alias stopp "fps_max 100;pausable 1;sensitivity 0;pause;w4;stop;pause1;bind mouse2 pause0"

Useful settings

clockwindow 0 //fixes random player freeze after loading a game
cl_bob 0 //disables weapon bobbing 
cl_pitchdown 89.99999 //viewangle limit
cl_pitchup 89.99999 //viewangle limit
room_off 1 //turns off echos and other effects on sounds

developer (0-2) //enables fps above 100, enables impulse codes among other things
fps_max (0-1000) //frames per second
r_drawviewmodel (0-1) //remove v_weapon model for more fps and better view
r_drawentities (0-4) //how entities will render, 0 for maximal fps, 3 to see hitboxes
default_fov (10-150) //field of view in degrees, 90-120 recommended
s_show (0-1) //displays name and path of current sounds
stopsound // stops all current sounds

Weapon names


Weapon Times

Delay before next bullet:

9mmAR (9mm)
Hornet (secondary)

9mmhandgun (secondary)
Gauss (primary)

Crowbar (hit)
Hornet (primary)

9mmhandgun (primary)

Crowbar (miss)
Gauss (secondary)
Satchel (throw)

Shotgun (primary)

Satchel (detonation)
9mmAR (grenade)

Shotgun (secondary)

Reload times:
9mmhandgun	1.5s
.357		2.0s
9mmAR		1.5s
Crossbow	4.5s
RPG		1.5s

Tripmine activation time 2.5s

timer: 3.15s
cooked release to explosion: 0.10s
cooked nade from another weapon to explosion: 1.10s
from attack to release: 0.50s


What do I need to start learning HL1.
How can I make blue shift and opossing force work in nghl?
NGHL Blue Shift no armour/HUD
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

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+1 Sums it up pretty well, tears of joy from watching this!

Bra jobbat din jävel, alltid lika glad efter att ha sett något av dina underbara verk! :smiley:


Hi quadrazid, is slayerpoucing90 from youtube:D. In the version of a half-life runner i saw before like Spider-Waffle and also you. I was impress because is so fast, but why Gordon in that verson claim leader so so so fast (x3 or 4 normal speed [320]) and swim up to the water with x12 normal speed? How can you and him do that?




I don’t know what speed differences you are talking about.
The old versions got x6.25 bunnyhop speed of normal [320]
And newer versions got x1.7 bunnyhop speed of normal [320]
Apart from that, it’s only crouching on ladders that is slower on newer versions. Rest is supposed to be identical.
I have no idea of what x12 swimspeed you’re talking about, lol.


i get it.


How can i change all the model of the Half-life protocol v47 to the old model in if you have ?


There is no differences in models either.
Delete the “models” folder and HL will use the default ones from the .pak-file.


There’s no difference unless you’re using a model pack.


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i can’t use this

alias +dd "+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck;wait" 
alias -dd -duck"
bind KEY +dd

what is the effect of that script? Can u teach me how to use snark to reach the top of the building? i try it many time but 80% fail.


How to change this to old model (include the mp5’s crosshair)?


you have some kind of model/sprite pack installed. where did you get your HL?

try to temporary remove your \sprites\ folder, and see if the game works


i get at this site http://nghl.tk/load/nghl/12-1-0-41


By the way. can you give me the script to use object boost? i very like the object speed boost but i can’t do it normal. tks alot

//object boost @ 100fps
// obbo1000 = 1000 units/second
alias obbo2000 "+use;w11;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1500 "+use;w10;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1300 "+use;w9;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1000 "+use;w8;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo800 "+use;w7;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo600 "+use;w6;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo500 "+use;w5;-use;+jump;w;-jump"

Then you need to bind a key to execute the script. (write in the console, §) example:

bind mouse3 obbo1500


it doesn’t work. it said in the up left corner “unknown w10, w”


Try add alias w wait


U mean w is wait?