Half-Life change HUD color


it work. but i have a problem with this in the picture :-. Also the color of the ammor?

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There is a bunch of settings that are listed where you downloaded it. Use http://translate.google.com/ if you don’t know russian.

But why do you want to remove this? It’s useful stuff.


I only like the speed show but i don’t like the color. i just want a normal color


hud_color "255 160 0" (default yellow)

Doubleduck script. Allows you to get up edges that are 32 units high or less without jumping. Perfect for climbing boxes ect. really fast. Can also be used for quieter walking and many other stuff.

hud_color "255 160 0" (default yellow)
where can i put that line to?


Your autoexec.cfg/userconfig.cfg file (Half-Life/Valve) or type it up in console.