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I only saw a topic for something about the IL tables being updated related to this game. But, I was thinking more of a segmented speedrun with scripts, similar to HL21. It was mentioned in the commentary video for HL21 on Twitch… but I didn’t know if they were kidding or not. I would actually be really interested in running this in a SourceRuns (not SDA) style. Anyone else in?


I’d join in, but I’d need to Learn the route for it :smiley:


Sounds like a great idea, but you would have to get it to work with NGHL or HLWON
because steam is stupid and gayben
id join in if you got it to work with either of them


HLWON wouldn’t work since the game never came out for WON. It has always been part of Steam. But, I’d venture to try NGHL and see how that goes. But, in most cases, if that doesn’t work, we always have Autohotkey which is how I’ve been doing things for other games.


AHK is OK but it make very inconsistent jumps, MWHEEL is better for hl1 bunnyhopping


I (we) were partly kidding. While being a sloppy and ugly game. It still got charm and is great for speedrunning with lot of unique tricks.
Can probably help out with some tricks and routes : >


I just finished it a week or so ago. Probably the worst Valve-related game I’ve ever played (yes, including Ricochet). Trying to speed run it could be interesting though. I’m terrible, but I could help find tricks maybe.

Also, the steam version seems to be missing the last map(s) for the Alamo level. Verifying files didn’t download it, so I don’t know if its a problem on my end or with the game. Has anyone else had this problem?


I completed the game many many years ago but I don’t really remember it much.

It always makes me happy to see GoldSRC/Valve games get well optimized runs, definitely needs to be done.

As for NGHL, using the Steam version should work, all other GoldSRC games/mods I’ve added from Steam to NGHL have worked for me so I don’t see why CZ wouldn’t.

Also, can you even bhop in this game?


if theres a cap in the steam version, then theres one in NGHL
thats what I found with GS games


Good point, would require some sort of modding to remove the speedcap (YaLTeR managed to remove speedcap from Steam OpFor and BShift without the source code), but like DemonStrate said, the game was never released for WON, so it might not even be possible, arguably maybe not even legit since the game never featured uncapped speed.


It might just be I’m not spamming jump enough (using mousewheel), but I think you lose all horizontal velocity when jumping.


This game cuts your horizontal speed entirely when you land.


The point of hlspbunny mod was to *restore *HL (and now even OF and BS) to the way it was before patches, and still being able to use the modern engine. I’m pretty sure CSCZDS never had any updates, patches or what so ever. It have been like this the whole time. So I think it’s a really bad idea to change the way it works.

And it’s also this thing that makes the game even more unique to speedrun. It’s almost like the HL no-jump style.


Can anyone find the resources for tricks? There are some I can remember off the top of my head like the MP5 Reload glitch and rocket jumping, but it would be nice to find the old resources for these things. I’ll try looking at home later tonight.


Make that infinite rocket jumping! The best source would be coolkids mind. One rare I remember was being able to stall yourself with the blow torch mid air.


Sir, you have my full undivided attention.


Basically, you have a 1 shot only RPG in which, if you switch weapons after firing, you can shoot it again. So, it is an infinite 1 shot RPG.

I just thought of something… the mines that you plant on the doors to proceed in some of the levels… can you get a boost from those? For example, this run of Thin Ice, at the start of the level, you plant a door bomb. If you could use that as a boost up onto the storage containers, you could probably skip a lot of the level.

Also, I believe you can crouch at the top of ladders as you are climbing up them, and not have the ‘pop-up’ you get when you reach the top of them normally. Many people don’t seem to use that technique. Was that used in HL21? I’m not sure. Anyway, I’ve been doing it for years in GoldSrc and Source games.

Edit: Also, one of the biggest glitches we could find would be a way to save items between level transitions. That’s one of the things I searched for back when I started Portal speedrunning and found it (even though, at the time, I had no real reason to save an item inbetween map loads). But, this game, when you change 'level’s (not maps, but the named levels), it starts you clean. Maybe some way of saving/loading can solve that issue.

Also, I believe you can crouch at the top of ladders as you are climbing up them, and not have the 'pop-up' you get when you reach the top of them normally. Many people don't seem to use that technique. Was that used in HL21? I'm not sure. Anyway, I've been doing it for years in GoldSrc and Source games.

I did notice that not a lot of people use this technique, I often use it myself but to be honest it doesn’t really seem to save much time if you can manage to get a really short pop-up.

Regardless though I do think runners should try to utilise it in segmented runs as it does save time. It also makes the movement of a segment look a lot cleaner and more entertaining.

It could probably prove a lot more useful in this run since you don’t have bunnyhopping to make up for the time lost hopping off the ladder.


Firstly, I found this old Google doc with times that you guys were using for IL tables.

I’d make a new one with times per map. I’d use the format done for HL21 as a guideline.

More ideas:
Scaring the friendly NPCs to get them to do things they shouldn’t should work in this game. I’ve seen multiple videos where you can break their sequences. But, we need to see if that is useful to do so.

Basically, there are many possibilities of reuse of glitches from Half-Life. We just need to go through and test to see which ones work. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were useful to a CZ DS run.

Edit: Overall, I want this run to look like we are the most elite Counter-Strike players in the world. Lol!

Edit 2: Also, damage boosting. I completely forgot about damage boosting. We will get to yell, “DAMAGE BOOSTIN’!” constantly. When the enemies shoot you, they push you. It works vertically and can be used to skip part of Recoil (the first level).


Okay. I downloaded a non-steam version of CZ DS. You definitely don’t need to do that, so I might change to the Steam version. To make it work with NGHL, all you need to do is copy the czeror folder into the Half-Life folder. Bam! It works.

To have it launch CZ DS, make a shortcut to the hl.exe. In the Target field, add -game czeror to the end. Then, you are good to go.

Does anyone know if they fixed anything in the current Steam version? The non-Steam version I got is v3939. I have no idea if that is an advantage or not.

NGHL (download the full version):

Edit: It seems they have been making changes to it since August of 2013, because they’ve been making it work for other OS’s.

Not sure if that’ll change the game in a negative (less glitches) way or not. I’m about to test it.

Edit 2: Problem. I copied the Steam version czeror to the Half-Life directory for NGHL… well, it doesn’t work. At first, it errored because it was missing SDL2.dll. I copied that from the Steam Half-Life directory to the NGHL directory. And, when I launch it now, it just says that there was a problem, and the game closes. I don’t even get to the title screen. So, for now, I’m gonna use the v3939 version. If you need a link to be able to DL it, let me know.