Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


Can I have the dl?


Let me know if you didn’t get the PM I sent you.

Here are a couple of interesting videos that might give us some ideas.


I installed it and I cant even get the the title, it seems to have edited more then the czeror folder, the icon for half life was changed and so was the backround
also when I boot it up it doesnt work, the error log says,
“Error:Platform Error: couldn’t find friends/friendsui.dll, not loading”

EDIT: I discovered you cant install the csczds in the NGHL folder or it fucks everything up its fixed


there seems to be a bhop cap
even with a duckroll


Are you using the scripts from here?
(Sorry. I’m unfamiliar with NGHL, bunnymod, and HL scripting beyond what I did in CS.)


ya im using the scripts form there, if you gain any speed really and jump you loose all of it,
even with a duckroll so unless someone is pro at modding it would be a very slow speedrun
apparently duckroll does remove speedcap, but still duckroll is hard to make a speedrun with


This speedrun is mainly based on item management, sequence breaking, and boosting (damage, explosion, etc). You realize you can use wallstrafing, right? Could we get some speed numbers on the different types of movement? I’m at work so I can’t check at the moment.

Edit: Oh yeah. Triggerdelay. That should hopefully be useful for a bunch of levels. Like… a lot of them.

Edit 2: I found this to be a useful site. It has the list of items and amounts per level. Also, what is nice is that those ‘extra’ maps would be ignored for this run, since they are not part of the main game. This also applies to the training. This run would be the main game itself.


Like has already been said, modding the game to allow something that never existed in the game in the first place would take away the legitimacy of the run.


doesnt have to be labeled as “100% legit speed run” idk if there there could be a category for modded games but if there is or could be then it was be entertaining to see a modded CSCZDS speedrun

or it could just be legit doesnt really matter


The times from the IL tables (which several of them are very unoptimized) add up to 00:54:21
I’m thinking we can easily get under 30. So, that’s my initial goal for this run.

I have no interest in modding the game. To me, that is no longer a speedrun of CZ DS. That’s a speedrun of a mod. I want to speedrun CZ DS.


Isn’t there enough rambling about Bunnymod Pro used with Half-Life, which is at least a reasonable modification?


well bunnymod restores something, if you remove the cap in csczds it would add something
(I think)


This version seems to have the Alamo problem that others have reported on the internetsssss. So, yeah. I might need to get my disks out for the game and see if that has the problem with NGHL, but that wouldn’t be until this weekend or so.


Precisely, viewers complained about a legitimate mod which is bad enough, so creating a non-legitimate mod for CZ:DS would just gain an even worse reaction and leave the outsiders with a reasonable excuse to call the community a bunch of cheaters.


Since when was speedrunning restrained to what a bunch of ignorant YouTube commenters think? Mod the hell out of the game and make an awesome run in it’s own category if you want to, or don’t. But please, never mind what the stupid internet peepz out there think and just go for what seems to make the best experience/run. It’s up to you, not them.


I’ve said this to some spanish-speakers at the HL21 comments section and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe there’s such a thing as “cheating” in speedrunning, as long as you state what you’re doing.

I believe one thing is doing a speed run using God mode and speedhaxx and admitting you are, but not doing so is a whole different story.

You can break the living shit out of this game if you want to.


Adding unlimited bunnyhop to Deleted Scenes would mean making a separate mod (in the “separate game” meaning of this word) and then speedrunning this mod.


I don’t see the reason. “Not having bunnyhop” has never stopped other speedrunners from not running a game. I’d rather find better glitches/tricks/sequence breaks than worrying about needing bunnyhop. The way this game is, I think it makes sense not to have it. CS has been more about precise aiming and strategy. If you wanted bunnyhopping and fastness, go play HLDM, TFC, or even Q3A. I don’t think bunnyhopping belongs in this game, hence why it is not there.

Speaking of sequence breaking, I found a potentially large timesaver on the start of Secret War. If you walk up the hill and ignore the NPCs trying to open the door, you can get onto the edge of a fence. If, from that fence, you could make the jump to the edge of the doorway up there, there is no invisible wall that blocks you from that area and the area that the NPCs need to open for you. You can directly proceed to the next map yourself.

As it currently stands, I get very, very close to making the jump, but you almost need to circle jump (more like a twist type of jump) to get that close. Anyone have any ideas on closing the gap?


Indeed. And I also know which jump you talk about. It’s tougher than it looks. Never made it over. (Think I even measured the units and accepted it impossible, but not sure about this)


Started a spreadsheet. So far, it only lists the mission names and the associated map names. Soon, I’ll start updating the initial post of this thread soon with other information. I’d also like to get a list of interested runners. So, you can PM me and I’ll add you to the list if you want to participate. :slight_smile: