Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


I’d ATTEMPT it. I’ll pick the game up next time it goes on sale.


I just got given a copy, Steam Family settings FTW. :slight_smile:

Installing it as I type this, will look for tricks & routes.


I think I foud something, in Lost Cause (or I think any map that uses that opticle thingy) if you jump then use the opticle thingy, then use the radio, you stay in a crouched pos, but its like your max speed is rasied

heres what I did:


What do you mean your “max speed is raised”? I understood the actions you performed in the video, but I don’t understand what the result is.


(when playing) it feels like you change the sv_maxspeed, so if you hold both strafe and forward you go a little faster, or maybe its just me


You can install the Rofi Client DLL to see your movement speed. NOTE! Keep your original DLL since his DLL causes issues for CZ DS. I basically have both in the same folder, and rename the one back to client.dll when I want to use it. Basically, only use his DLL when you want to see your speed.

Rofi’s Client DLL:


it doesnt make you go faster, but for some reason it feels odd, heres the save, I did the glitch already so you just need to move around


Okay, I played through the game a little. I actually really like the whole ‘wiggle strafe’ movement, gotta agree I don’t think bhop would suit this game.

Not sure how much I could contribute to this, but I’d definitely be interested in helping out here and there if you think you need it.


BTW, don’t think of me as a guaranteed runner, as I’m currently in school, and I don’t even own the game. If I do pick it up, find out what your working on, and find some free time in my life, then I can attempt some stuff. Also, if there are any bits that are hard, I’ll try those because have the patience of a rock when attempting speedrunning tricks. Found that out when I tried 2 days straight at 5hr sessions trying to get a MANUAL jumpbug in HL1. (I did get it btw. Took 11hours 34minutes, and 16 seconds. Somewhere around that time.)


I got segmented Motorcade Assault and Lost Cause demos by coolkid. But they are both actually obsoleted by his ILs. I think quite a few levels will be improved upon only marginally doing them segmented. But then there is also levels with huge changelevel delay shortcuts. Will be a very interesting speedrun.


Could I get a small summary on how to do those changelevel delays? I simply make a bind with a few dozen waits in it, but, I could only delay it for a little bit. I’m assuming I’d have to make an alias that does more waits, as a single bind has a command limit.

Also, the direction in which you were moving… you seem to just keep moving in that direction, because the waits stop the rest of any input into the game. Do you need to make custom scripts/alias’s that allow you to move a bit inbetween the waits? Basically, I’m just a little confused on how exactly the end position for each of those delays is achieved.


A bind with a few dozen waits will only delay the change for a few dozen frames.
If you need to walk for 5s you simply need the corresponding value of waits (500 waits @ 100fps)
Any actions along the way gotta be included in the script. I find it easier to write scripts in their own config outside the game rather than messing with aliases in the game console. I’m using Notepad++ with autosave plugin.

Useful aliases for script making:

A rough test is mostly as simple as holding your forward key and “bind x w500” or so.

Example with actions alongside:
bind mouse3 "exec td1.cfg" //execute just in front of trigger_changelevel

fps_max 100
reset //clear eventually held buttons so they wont mess up your script, if it does you need to wait it out and start over ; >
+f //move forward
+ml //start a wallstrafe
+a //hs enemy
-ml //stop wallstrafe
+d //crouch under obstacle
w30 //target destination reached
reset //again to not get stuck with active commandos

The easiest way is a script like this and using the mouse to turn around and aim. But there is also another way which is setting sensitivity to 0 and script the turns with +left/+right and cl_yawspeed.


Secret War IL with triggerdelay 2011-08-26. Decent route for segmented I think.


Ah, nice. There are definitely a bunch of things that could be optimized, but it was nice to see this triggerdelay strat. I think the route could be better too. Also, you can shoot the helicopter in the end as soon as the map loads (which was not done in the demo). Basically, the helicopter should never fire on you at all.

The biggest concern of mine at this point… what version of the game to use.

  • The 3939 works great with NGHL, but the problem is, it has the cz_alamo2 bug that was apparently in the Steam version for a long time. So, unfortunately, we can’t use this version for a full-game speedrun.
  • The Steam version doesn’t work with NGHL unless you can find some way to de-Steampipe it. You need to be part of the ‘Beta’ to have a version that has the cz_alamo2 bug fixed.
  • The original version (which I got from my CDs of the game) works great. Doesn’t have the cz_alamo2 bug. But, I couldn’t get it to work with NGHL. As soon as I open the game within NGHL, it just closes. No error or anything.

Just so everyone knows… the original version of the game didn’t require Steam. You could ‘connect’ it with Steam to be able to play multiplayer (regular CS: CZ). But, DS doesn’t require Steam at all. I couldn’t remember how that worked, so I thought I’d share.

Also, I just tried copying any of the files with ‘alamo’ in them or related to alamo from the original version to the 3939 version. It still crashes with the same error. Here is an image of the error for those who aren’t aware of it.

Any thoughts/ideas for how to proceed?


What exactly would we be missing out on if we can’t use the NGHL client?


going over 100 fps and you can use _special scripts


I was wondering the same thing.

You can go over 100fps in Steam using fps_override 1, there are also alternatives for _special scripts.


What alternatives? And I did not know about fps_override 1.


Obviously these won’t be useful in CZ:DS, but they’re an example of what’s possible without _special.


Yes I know, but it only works on won