Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


No they don’t, I use that bhop script for running Gunman in NGHL.


Actually, the Half-Life build NGHL is based upon allows both alias name and alias _special, which is why your bunnyhop script works.

Also, AFAIK alias name was removed since version, and alias _special in, so neither of those work on Steam.


Yes but Gunman doesn’t allow _special as it’s not in the code, this is also a problem for various other mods such as Point of View, Azure Sheep etc (as far as I’m aware I tried using _special in those mods and it didn’t work).


Unless you are going to duckroll everywhere (wall strafing is faster I believe) will _special have much use?

Does AutoHotKey work well with GoldSrc games?


AHK doesnt work well. its fine for Ducklooping and use spam but not for bhop


In terms of movement, scripts aren’t really needed for anything. Like you said, strafing is faster. It’s the quickest way to move around this game and I personally like that as it gives it a unique touch compared to other GoldSRC games.


I think ducklooping and use spam is all that will be needed, as bunnyhopping has no use.

On recording:
HLAE doesn’t seem to work with Deleted Scenes. I get as far as the game’s loading screen but then it crashes to desktop.
Fraps and Bandicam also only record Deleted Scenes at 10 FPS for me, and I have no idea why - they are fine in all other Gold Source games.
Does anyone else have these problems?

EDIT: It seems opting OUT of the beta lets HLAE work.


CZ:DS - The one GoldSRC game that isn’t compatible with anything even slightly related to GoldSRC.

I think this game uses a slightly updated version of the engine, hence the problems with installing it as a mod, NGHL, HLAE etc.


I used HLAE for our IL runs. But maybe it was before the steam update.
One thing I know is that host_framerate doesn’t work as it did before and might not be able to serve as a pause function. Load times would likely be better with NGHL too.

As for the scripts; It depends to which level you wanna use scripts. Depending on the fps and accuracy of ducks, duck-bunnies can be almost as effective as hop-bunnies as demonstrated in the graph by airstrafers. So I think you gotta decide if you should use it as a major movement method. If not, as said before, there will be no need for a loop script. The ‘only’ use of script will be for triggerdelays.


So, I did some more testing. I was still trying to get the original version of the game to work with NGHL. I was looking at the error logs, crash dumps, and the Windows event log. I still couldn’t get it to work, unfortunately. I did, however, find a torrent of the original version of the game for those who don’t have the CDs (I verified it by comparing the files to those on my CDs). I think we’d be better off running it with the original version than the one that is part of the Steam Beta (you need the Beta version for cz_alamo2 to load).

I’ll have to try later to see if this version works with HLAE (I’m assuming it would based on what OMalley said). Anyway, if you want the link to the torrent, PM me. It is a very fast torrent with a lot of seeds for some reason. Lol.

Edit: Also, we might want to use this for the run to make it ‘look correct’. It is just a bunch of visual fixes for the game.


I found a sorta mini shortcut, it just skips moving the box and jumping and shit


Nice one. But I think it’s for better use where you ended your video.

Or even to be saved until the first RC bomb target, and use the last RC bomb as intended on the vehicle.


I should start looking at the old run to compare


My route for cz_alamo. Pretty straight forward… main skips are:

  • using the edge of the wall to jump onto the dumpster in the beginning
  • nade boost to skip a bunch of enemy spawn triggers and basically the entire second half of the map


Where’s the link to all of the CZ:DS videos on SDA? I have this: which is outdated and it seems most of the videos have been taken down.

I was also looking at alamo last night. I was playing with both cz_alamo1 and cz_alamo2 though. It beats Marshmallow’s time by around a minute.


Wow. That is confusing. Lol. Here is the link to the actual runs:

I think it is time that I update the first post in this topic with links. I’ll put the links in which I got this link and other information. I think I’ll put route options links in the spreadsheet.


Sandstorm isn’t part of the game… it is an additional mission. The maps under “Extras” are not part of this run:
But, it is good to look for ideas from other maps. Meaning, strats or tricks that might help on the story missions.

Also, I’ve updated the original post to this topic with links. And I added Routing and Additional tabs to the spreadsheet. The Routing tab includes links to useful route information that has been posted in this thread so far. The Additional tab includes links to the torrents I’ve been using for various game versions and some other video links.


I watched through the IL runs for the first time (the ones that are available to stream, will download the others later), here are some things that might be worth investigating that I noted down whilst watching:

Motorcade Assault - Due to infinite rocketjumps, possibility of getting out of bounds in the intro sequence where you have to wait for the convoy to come by?
Motorcade Assault - Due to infinite rockets, possibility of taking down ‘resistance’ quicker?
Thin Ice - I haven’t played this level yet, but are explosives available? Possible damage boost to the higher level quicker than surfing up the scaffold/ramp thingy

Off-Topic - This game has some of the most amateur voice acting I’ve ever heard, way to play up to a stereotype for all the different counter-terrorist organisations, lol.

Paul Connolly


The women at the end of alamo sound like porn actresses trying to stroke the egos of fourteen year olds. It gave me a big chuckle to hear them speak.


Motorcade Assault - The areas of the map are completely separated. Basically, there are invisible walls that separates the 3 areas of the map:

  • The intro where you are surveying the situation.
  • The ‘active’ part where you need to shoot the car with the LAW and the kill the T’s.
  • The ‘next map’ area where you go after the boxes at the door explode.

If there was a way to get between these map sections, then you could rocket jump up (only after you shoot the first car with the LAW because of triggers that restrict you from shooting) on top of the buildings and fall into the 3rd area and hit the trigger from behind.

Also, the rockets are super slow when reloading them. So, it is much quicker to take out the resistance with the AUG then cycling back to the LAW, which can only hit 1 at a time because of how spread out they are.

Thin Ice - If you are ever wondering about the items within each mission, they can be found here: Looking specifically at the Thin Ice page (, you can see there are 2 HE grenades. We would just need to find where they are and hope they are before that ‘surfing up the beam’ area.