Counter-Strike Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes - [NEW] IL Tables!


New IL Table!

Watch at SDA

I love this game.

I’ve been working on this game on and off for about two years now. Most levels have been refined and are pretty much ready to be made into a speedrun but alas, I’m a lazy bum who has about 10 different speedrunning projects going on at all times so I haven’t really made anything out of it.

I’ve posted most of my findings in this SDA thread but there are some tricks and glitches that are not documented there. It would be cool if people would be interested in speedrunning this game too!

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

This game rules for running indeed.
Adding the videos here too:


I’m interested in helping with this speedrun.


Nice! Do you own the game? Me and quvuboi are using the Steam version but I could provide you the ISO’s of the installation cds.


I want to join too, because I have the game on Steam.

But it sucks that you cant change FOV and accelerating is really slow.


Yeah, I have the steam copy.


Thin Ice IL


Fucking sweet



I’m feelin’ a bit adventurous so y’all might be seeing a new IL or two being made from me this week. I’ll mainly be doing attempts of Lost Cause to start with.

[center] :- :-[/center]


Lost Cause IL (2 minutes and 29 seconds faster than the current SDA IL). I could shave off a few seconds with improved execution but the intro to the map is getting too boring to sit through every time.

[double postin’]


My first run got posted on SDA today. Coolkid and I have started to run the other levels as well.
Anyone is welcome to try a level or two. IL Table


10 ILs are now up for SDA verification, get your butt over there if you’re interested in seeing the runs.


Rise Hard in 5:56 by coolkid

Soon I have all the videos ready for submission.


Very cool run, those grenade jumps were the coolest tricks I’ve ever seen in CS :smiley:


Yeah. Very nice.


Recoil, Route?

The friendly AI is completely retarded. It won’t run away from grenades, it doesn’t shoot and it will most likely die and make you quit.
I can shake 5-20 seconds off from this… only if the god of AI grants me the luck to do it.

Got no time to record HD vid.


I think my estimate for Recoil was a 3:20ish or so. You can perform an enemy boost on the first map up to where the friendly AI is and also skip his speech by doing this (gaddam this trick is annoying to pull off). Weapons and movement speed work the same way as in original CS which means that the knife makes you move faster than having the m4a1 equipped at all times :wink:

My Motorcade Assault IL is up on youtube now as well:
Motorcade Assault IL in 1:51 by coolkid


Posted on SDA, enjoy!


Amazing stuff! Should’ve tried more CZ. Still laughing at those grenade jumps… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been studying the segmented run very closely on SDA, and I want to try my hand at seriously running this game single segment. A huge question I have is about HE boosting which is utilized throughout the run. It seems really risky and a lot of times maybe not even worth it for a single segment, but there are definitely parts where it’d be “safe” to do. Are there any commands I’d need to alter to enable HE boosting? To my knowledge it’s only possible on high tickrates when it comes to online but since we’re on our own PC it shouldn’t be a problem.

Any help appreciated.