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Is holding space in NGHL for jumping a “script”? I use mousewheel regardless but wanted to know that if it is a script, if I could somehow disable it.


It is a script. Disable it by binding space to +jump through console/in .cfg. It is bound to +bhop by default, which is an alias for a script.


Yeah, you can find that script in userconfig.cfg, it comes with NGHL.


Got it. Thank you both.


Hey guys, quick question. I’ve been running NGHL, trying to get a decent run out there, and I’ve ran straight into a problem. When I reach the end of Apprehension, and I’m getting dragged away by the soldiers, normally you get dumped into the trash compactor, but instead I hear a cage close, and I’m completely stuck in darkness. I can look around, but I can’t move. I remember asking quad and exec about this, and I recall being advised to not save at all from the freezer, to the assassins room. I think this was the method by which I was able to, for once, get through to Residue Processing, but it’s not consistent at all. I can’t seem to find a reliable way to fix this.

I tried “map c2a3e”, but that simply pots me in an invisible box, and the trash compactor doesn’t trigger. Needless to say, this is dampening my desire to run the entire game. I’m wondering if anyone has heard of this glitch before, and could offer a permanent solution?


I think the problem is that you moved around inside the black room and managed to find a spot that isn’t covered by the trigger. So try to move as little as possible.
I can’t remember anything about saves. Shouldn’t be part of the problem.

Looking forward to a run : >


Where/how do I edit launch options on NGHL?


Create a shortcut to hl.exe and add them there into the “Target” field.


You can also make a .bat file to add launch options, or add the game in steam and edit it in the target field there, but Yalters method is probably the easiest.


I want to downgrade my Half-Life on Steam, but I have no idea how to do it. I don’t feel like using NGHL anymore, but I wanted a version that supported widescreen and had no speedcap. Is there a version like this? And if there is, can someone give me the steps of how to downgrade?


By Half-Life on Steam, you mean Steam+WON dlls? If not, then go here: http://www.speedrun.com/hl1/resources


Yeah, I downloaded it, but then what do I do? Sorry if it’s common sense, I’m just so lost and confused lol


For Widescreen you go into your Video options and switch “Normal” to “Widescreen”.


Yeah I know that, but I just pointed out that I wanted that option because in the first version of Half-Life I didn’t see it there.


Just put the dll package that’s in the folder and replace them with your current Half-Life dlls.


I’d recommend re-downloading the package since I recently updated it to include the folders as separate “mods” as well as a readme on how to install it.


Got it to work, but my FPS is 100.5 rather than 100. Are my runs still legit or do I have to do something to change it? I set my fps_max to 100 as well.


If you’re running on the current Steam engine (SteamPipe) you need to set your fps_max to 99.5 as there was an update implemented that adds .5 to whatever value you specify.

You can change this permanently in userconfig.cfg


I had the most recent Steam version then replaced the .dll files to play on the WON version. So I guess I am on the current Steam Engine? Correct?


Yes, as opposed to the original WON (retail client) or older Pre-SteamPipe (NGHL) engines.