What do I need to start running Half-Life?


Hi there im completle new to running hl1 and i wanted to know what i need for running it? Do i just have to DL NGHL or do i have to install the other mods too (i dont know what this NGHL is all about because i dont speek rusian)
And a friend of mine said i cant runn HL1 with the german censored version of the game ._. i fokin hate this shite

Im new pls no haitings :c :-[

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Download this, it contains all the essentials.

NGHL stands for New Gauge Half-Life and is a “non-steam” (as in you don’t need to be logged into Steam to use it) client based on the Pre-Steampipe engine. We don’t recommend using it anymore as it’s obsoleted by the latest Steam client when used with BXT (both of which are contained in GoldSrc Package).

From what I’ve heard, there are certain tricks that aren’t available in the German version like the We’ve Got Hostiles skip. I couldn’t tell you anything more about that though.


Thx for the reply, i dont own the two dlc’s is that bad?


Not bad, just means you cant use the unpack that PJC made.

Try adding these to your c:\sierra\half-life folder (or wherever half life is located)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1O65pK-C6qYdEJkNkNXN1NGRWs/view It’s the WON version of Half-Life and Opposing force.
Just follow the README.txt and you should be good!

That will work with NGHL or a torrent version you have. At least it should as I have NGHL, GOTY Edition(which is a well seeded torrent) and i recently just bought the three games off steam! Its on offer so might be worth a look! (At least its on offer in the uk) If you really want to kick it old school and be totally legit, ebay that shit and get the actual CDs! lol


If you don’t own the two unmodded expansions (labelled gearbox and bshift in the directory) you won’t be able to play them.

You can still play Half-Life (valve) though which means you should also be able to play valve_WON and gearbox_WON, meaning it’s not necessary to download that WON package linked above.


I just watched a vid about a 1.10.8 patch or somthing what changed the came cpletle for speedrunners, is that pached with the Package?
and Googledrife said it cant scan it for viruses, now im afraid :c :’(


The package contains both unmodded latest Steam Half-Life (valve, that has the speedcap you’re referring to) as well as a mod containing the DLLs from the version (valve_WON, that doesn’t have the speedcap).

There are no viruses in the GoldSrc Package, Google Drive is unable to scan files that are over a certain size limit.


oh okay


i guess im to stupid to install this or to find any instruction :cccccc i neeeeed helpings


Just extract it to somewhere on your hard drive using your preferred archive software (WinRAR, 7Zip etc).

Also, please don’t double-post unless it’s necessary. Just attach an “EDIT:” to the end of your previous post.


Wow Helped me alot and the game version is uncut so i got rid of the other problems to ! PROBS!!