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  1. Pretty sure this is how the game actually works. If this is indeed the case, HL21 used an incorrect old crowbar damage fix.


if it’s true i want this fix or explain how can i do this this trick.


They used Bunnymod Pro, if I’m not mistaken, which sets crowbar damage back to its WON value.


i’m using bunnymod too, and sv_crowbar_WON_damage set to 1. This glass won’t break with 1st hit anyway. Btw i can’t see a difference sv_crowbar_won_damage 1 or 0.
i’m tested water boosting at blast pit. it’s still not working.


Don’t use Bunnymod Pro. It’s not legit. If you want to run WON, use the WON version from the GoldSrc package.

About the water boosting: you can check where the push trigger is with bxt_show_triggers. To get the boost you have to go out of the trigger and back into it rapidly by spamming duck. Make sure you aren’t always below or always inside the trigger.

EDIT: I just tried this in both WON and latest Steam. WON breaks the glass from the first hit, but if you save and load you can’t attack with the crowbar until some time has passed. Latest Steam doesn’t break the glass from the first hit, but you can attack with the crowbar immediately upon loading.


why not legit? in hl21 you used bunnymod, not WON version. i just want to know how it was done in hl21.
i understood about difference between won crowbar damage and steam, but quad and team used nghl bunnymod for hl21 and done this trick on this version, if i’m not mistake.
i’ll try water boosting again. thanks


It’s not legit because HL21 is technically not legit.

HL21 exploits features from both WON and Steam versions in a way that is impossible to achieve without modifying the game physics.

Though nothing on Earth is restricting what you can do.


legit or not. i don’t care) just want to know features of some tricks amd i think i’ll find answers here)


noone can explain me how was done trick with crowbar at c1a1 in hl21? cmon guys :smiley:

  1. Pick up the crowbar.
  2. Save and load.
  3. Attack.
    Will only break in one hit on older Bunnymod Pro with the bug.


thanks a lot. it works with 1 hit at bunnymod 1.0


another question ;D
how can i move when using chengeleveldelay? i can’t do anything when wait spam :-[
i using bind for that (key w100 for example), not handmade spam. maby i do it wrong?


You should press all buttons before you start spamming waits. For example, hold +forward.


how can i do “office complex triggerskip” without lost my weapons? i’ve read triggerdelay at sourceruns wiki but i didn’t understand anything about pvs and etc. my english is not good.
P.S. Esli b kto po-russki ob’yasnil, bil bi schastliv)


By lowering fps we can teleport through some thin objects (introduction train, triggers, tripmine beam).
What is maximum possible space to skip and required speed?
Are there any formula?


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Hey guys,

I have a problem on the last map of lambda core. The dialogue with Barney and the scientist doesn’t start what ever I do when I reach the security door, before entering Xen. Barney doesn’t shoot back or run to the door when I shoot him with the gauss canon and both of them just stand still forever ( I’m not quickloading after the loading screen before the ladder). Before simply re downloading the whole package I wanted to ask if anyone has an idea on what i could try to fix this problem. I could record a video too if I’m not clear enough.

(Using Half-life WON from GoldSrc Package)


I solved that problem by taking the graphs file for that map from the Steam Half-Life installation.


It worked thank you YaLTeR.


i need script autorecord in Half-Life Opposing-force can u give me it