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Hello, do you guys know how to fix negative acceleration on high DPIs?It doesnt happen in CS:GO, CS 1.6/Steam Half-Life, only happens if I use valve_WON pack(I use it with steam).I have no mouse acceleration, when I test it on 400 DPI which skips pixels and angles because of high ingame sensitivity Its pretty good but as the DPI increases I start getting negative acceleration.After swiping slowly, my crosshair doesnt reach the first point while swiping back fast.

Is there a way to fix this?Am I using a bad combination would you recommend other Half-Life setups/configurations?


Try -noforcemparms in commandline arguments to hl.exe as well as the RInput tool.


Already had the parameter and m_rawinput “1” but RInput fixed the problem, thanks ^^


Hello, I have a question about NGHL.
So I tried to inject the bunnymod X for the timer, but it does not work properly. It displays a cmd prompt with yellow dll files and says: “SPTLib Detoured 8 hl.dll functions” at the end. I have the VS 2015 redist. installed. I hope this is clear.


You sure it didn’t work? This usually means it is working. Switch over to NGHL and type
“bxt_HUD_timer 1” into the console and see if it works.


At first I thought it did work, but I did enter the command and gives me “unknown command.”
EDIT. I fixed the issue.


Another probably stupid question, when using bunnymod xt, is there some sort of way I can create an autoexec of sorts? Re entering all my preferred settings is kind of annoying after a while.


In your game folder (game folder being valve/gearbox/bshift) create file named “userconfig.cfg”. You put your preferred settings there. Next, add “exec userconfig.cfg” line to the end of your “config.cfg”, which can be found in the same folder.


I write alias

alias triggerdelay "w300;+jump;w;+attack;-jump;-attack;w100
bind “’” triggerdelay
but weapons after loading not working
[font=inherit]What is wrong?


Pretty sure you’re going out too far. I believe this spot was especially tough in HL21 (if I recall correctly).


Yay, another editing problem.

Every shotgun or secondary gausscannon shot creates a strong recoil that throws crosshair upwards. But if you save right after the shot and then load this save, crosshair returns on its default spot. As a result, the transition is very noticeble and it looks unacceptably awfull.

As far as my knowledge goes, there is a way to “transfer” recoil from one segment to another, however, its only available at the stage of performing, when segments arent recorded yet. The main problem is - the segments i work with are already recorded.

The question is - is there any way to fix this problem at post-production stage?


This is one way to do it, and probably the easiest. I wrote this quick-and-dirty program that allows you to insert a cosmetic recoil at the beginning of any demo, because I might need such a program myself.

Download fixpunchpitch.exe

Important: backup your demos before using this program.

To use this program, open the command prompt and do this:

For example, to add a secondary shotgun recoil to a demo named seg_33.dem,

Then, capture seg_33_fixed.dem as usual.

The initial punch depends on the weapon. For secondary shotgun, it is -10. For secondary Gauss, it is -2. Note the negative signs. If a segment cut was done a few moments after a shot, rather than immediately after one, then you should try values closer to 0 until the transition looks seamless.

For the directory entry, try 1. If this doesn’t work, then try 0, 2, etc until it works.


Thanks for the answer and the program provided. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work properly for me. Tried every directory entry number up until 55, but it keep crashing all the time.

Here are few questions:

  1. What does this “directory entry” stays for?
  2. Should i continue entering the entry number until it works or there is another issue involved (wrong demo protocol/version etc)?
  3. Where should I storage/place input and where does the program saves output demos?
    Thandemosk you in advance!


Directory entries are groups of frames within the demo file. Usually there are only 2 of them, which are 0 and 1.

2) Should i continue entering the entry number until it works or there is another issue involved (wrong demo protocol/version etc)?

Usually 1 should work fine, otherwise keep increasing it and try playing the demo until it crashes. If it crashes under any value then there is another issue.

3) Where should I storage/place input and where does the program saves output demos?

I believe the crashes are due to the program couldn’t find the input file. You can put the input file anywhere. But the easiest is just to put the input file in the same directory as fixpunchpitch.exe, then type the name of the demo file.

The output will be stored in the same directory as fixpunchpitch.exe, unless you specify a full path.

I’ve updated the program. This time it should give you an error message. Please redownload it.


So, here is the situation. Im not sure, if im doing something wrong or programm is not suitable for properties of my demos/pc idk. I will try to describe my actions step by step:

  1. Move “fixpunchpitch.exe” and demo file into one folder.
  2. Rename the demo file to make sure there is no other demo with same name on my hard drive.
  3. Open command promt and drag “ficpunchpitch.exe” in to the command promt window.
  4. Enter “entry.dem entry1.dem -8 1” with one space in between.
  5. Recieve message “Error opening the demo file.”
  6. Repeat 50 more times with different directory entry numbers (0 - 50) with same result.
  7. Repeat the same procedure with 3 types of demos:
  • Demo, that is recorded on Yalter`s TAS mod (prot 47)
  • Converted demo via HLAE (previous one from Yalter`s TAS mod; prot 48)
  • Demo, that was recorded on current Steam version

No success…
Right now im stuck and i dont know, what could i try any different. If you got any ideas, please, let me know. Thank you.


The error is saying that the program couldn’t find the demo files.

I’m sorry for not making this step explicit: you need to change into the directory containing your demo files.

Suppose you want to convert a demo at “C:\My WR Demos\wr_seg.dem”.

Suppose fixpunchpitch.exe is located in “C:\My WR Demos\fixpunchpitch.exe”.

Then you need to run

cd C:\My WR Demos

and run the program like so:

fixpunchpitch.exe wr_seg.dem wr_seg_fixed.dem -10 1

Now, the fixed demo will be at “C:\My WR Demos\wr_seg_fixed.dem”


You are my hero! Thank you very much.


Hey guys,
I just wanted to report that the link http://www.satanion.dk/cs/launch-options.html given in quadrazid’s creation post gives a viral alert when opened.

Edit: now it seems that the whole site www.satanion.dk is down.


Hi. Can you help me with some questions?

  1. in c1a1 when i pick up the crowbar, i’m using save\load for avoid delay of attack, but window needs 2 hits for break. What should i do? But if i wait a little bit (3-5 sec) after pick up crowbar, i can break it for 1st hit.
  2. are they used any glitches like low fps for fast pick up hev in hl21 or it’s just slit on the glass?
  3. when i using duckroll on the water it’s don’t boost me. i hame more speed when i just bhoping on the water. i tryed 250,300,500 fps duckroll.

  1. As far as i know, breaking the glass in one crowbar hit is only possible on first versions of the game (WON).
  2. No fps manipulations needed. Try to approach the gap at different angles and eventually you will pick up the suit.
  3. The water alone won`t boost you - the puch trigger does. Yet again, as far as i know, there is only 2 maps with water push triggers - c1a4g in Blast pit and c2a4b in Residue Processing.