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Feel free to use it, many runners prefer the original old models over the HD ones. There is no rule forbidding the use of the HD models.


Thank you sir. Worked out perfectly. Still confusing, why HLAE creates gigabytes of identical shots, but oh well.


There isn’t a good way of not creating gigabytes of identical shots which would be compatible with any further editing method.


Another HUD problem. After taking damage, some HUD elements (hp, ar) become brighter and then slowly fade back to default colour/brightness. Is there a command to make colour of those HUD elemnts static?


No builtin command/cvar to do this in Half-Life. But I believe you can use Bunnymod Pro and adjust the custom hud_alpha cvar. Not an ideal solution, admittedly, especially if you’re running a mod.

Or you could just leave the intensity alone and allow it to change like normal. It’s annoying but not exactly hard to deal with varying intensity when editing and making things seamless.


Been trying to pull of that object boost you did at around 4 minutes on your single segment run and I have some questions.

Did you use a script for the object boost?

Did you jump?

Is there a way I can view the demo with showkeys?

Any tips for doing it consistantly?

[Extra] how do you record half life as a continuous demo without it stopping every time a new map loads?



i’m pretty sure the demo system for hl/hl2 is similar to or identical to portal. So i’m going to use what i know from portal involving demos.

its impossible to have the whole run be one demo. any time the game changes maps, saves and then loads, or does anything involving the map updating for any reason, the demo will then stop recording. That’s just how it works. I’m not sure if someone could code a mod to fix that (that would be hella cool) but in the meantime its impossible.


Use the latest Steam engine (for instance from the GoldSrc Package), that one has continuous demo recording.


Alright I have some questions about some moments in HL21.

What is happening at… and how do I reproduce it (what inputs needs to be done, +duck etc)?:
10:33 (getting speed when swimming into the ceiling)
12:07 (when using push triggers to get speed outside the pipe)
12:30 (when jumping standing up and gain speed)
16:04 (when shooting the soldier and probably messing with fps)

And of course I wonder about fast fire again since I can’t really get it to work. It should be easy to make like 5 grenades explode at pretty much the same time, right? (maybe not do it effectivly for speedrunning purposes but for the sake of making them explode at the same time nontheless). Thinking of fast fire I also wonder about the glass break at 4:16.

I’ve played around with all of these but I can’t reproduce them. I’m just looking for anything that might help or put my mind at ease knowing that it simply won’t ever be suitable for RTA runs. Also while I’m at it, what is there to know about the suit grab? It kinda feels timing related and the way you go into the suit and not only a matter of just being in a certain spot.

HL21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtI5HM7GVGY


From what I understand fast-fire only removes the weapon swap delay. So you can throw a grenade and then immediatly shoot an ar2 nade but you can’t throw 2 grenades right after eachother.


10:33 Holding +jump and nothing else against the upwards ceiling will push you forwards. However it is relevant to fps. Using this trick at this spot at 100fps won’t be faster than normal swimming, 255ups. We used 1000fps and reached 395ups.

12:07 The very same duck spam trick in push trigger as 8:12, 12:53 ect. But here it is from beneath. Gotta fall low enough to be outside the trigger in the ducked state. Again it might be limited by the fps since it limits your spam rate.

12:30 Simply stand up when the height allows it and spam jumps. Duck as you reach the low height again. It’s extremely tight so a scroll might be too slow and leave too much friction between the jumps in order to gain speed.

16:04 After the jumpbug the fps is reduced to 20 and I simply start firing. The initial plan was to scare him with another grenade but I found this to be easier and saving the extra grenade. Not sure about his exact reaction. But he runs for cover while under attack or when his health starts getting low. Maybe something about the previous grenade as well. The decreased fps is only for his increased turning speed to minimize his stop. And your position while shooting matters for his escape route.

Switch weapon
New weapon is ready to fire w/o delay within a few frames.
The cooldown however can’t be skipped (with exception for gauss primary, used for the Nihilanth battle)
At 15:54 for example the bow, .357, and shotgun are used the frames after each other. Then waiting for the 0.75s cooldown and then doing another fast fire round. Between the rounds the mp5 is spammed because of its short cooldown. On the third and last round the double shotgun can be used since the cooldown after it doesn’t matter.
Weapon times
This must be a lot of struggle to execute RTA style so I doubt it will turn out any good. But I’ve been surprised before.

4:16 Same trick as the fast fire. No switch animation, same as picking up a new weapon. Simply save and load as soon as you picked the crowbar. When loaded up you can hit the glass instantly and keep your momentum.

Not sure about the suit. It’s just hard.


You have crouch and walk into the glass that covers the suit at a certain angle right?, sorta from the left side where the second gap is in the glass.


Yet another HLAE/editing related problem. Is there any way to remove blackout after transision between “Anamalous Materials” and “Unfoseen Consequences”, after using ceiling changelevel trigger (like in HL21 for instance)?


mirv_fx_noblend 0|1

Default: 0

0 : disable (blends are not blocked)

1 : enable (blocks screen blends)
This will block Counter-Strike 1.6 flash bang blend effects and also fade to black for example.


Amazing!! Thank you sir


To me it seems like fast fire is not possible on the version I’m using (Steam with WON dlls). I pick up the crowbar, save quick;load quick but it doesn’t attack any sooner. I’ve tried having +attack on and I’ve tried to not do +attack until after the loading screen but no difference.


My game soft locks when I get to the Lambda Core lab before Xen. The cutscene doesn’t play out and the door doesn’t open. I know luddeguuut have or had the same problem.

Edit: Fixed link and I’ve tried reinstalling but it didn’t fix (deleted all Half-Life folders).
FIX: I removed everything in Half-Life\valve_WON\maps and replaced with the stuff in Half-Life\valve\maps except for the \valve\maps\graphs folder. I also loaded the map from main menu with “map c3a2d”. Thanks YaLTeR. :>


The link doesn’t work but I think I know what you’re talking about. If I remember right, the only way people fixed it before is to reinstall(?)


Video unavailable, but if that’s what I’m thinking about then I had it as well and it has to do with maps/graphs, try removing graphs or replacing them with working graphs from somewhere or replacing the whole maps folder, should help.



You left out the “?” in the url. (I knew because youtube normally doesn’t have a 404 message.)