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10s - I think it’s a silly mistake. If you use the map command rather than transit into that map. The tank is already spawned.

42s - From the inception of Steam in 2004 to an update in 2013. This freeze bug was present after each and every loading of the game. It was a very big issue among the few souls who ran the game. Until the year of 2011 when rofi found the solution to all of our problems. It was the mighty fix of all fixes… clockwindow 0. And that my children is the story about the freeze glitch.

69s - Using the trigger should be fairly easy. Getting over the fence I’m guessing is harder. But maybe use after the first fence.

For HL21 tricks I’m not sure, it’s all about personal preferences. I’ve seen plenty of HL21 stuff adopted or modified for SS/RTA that I never thought would be plausible. I think you gotta try out each trick and determine it yourself. As for stuff found but not used, nothing I can think of straight out my head. Could look deeper a bit later.


I understand that is completely looked down upon to bump, but I have been having this problem for a long time and have had no working solution at all.

Problem with BXT

I installed half life and goldsource package on a new computer. When I ran the injector it said it’s not a valid win32 application. I am running windows xp. What should be done about this?

UPDATE: I tried installing the new goldsrc package (1.3) and using the visual studio installer from there. Still no working solution.


I’m not quite sure about this, what might be the case is the newest 2015 runtime being incompatible with Windows XP. Then the only solution would be upgrading to 7+. Why are you still on XP anyway?


Yeah upgrading to 7 was going to be my last resort if didn’t find another solution, but I guess that’s the only thing to do now. I’m still on XP because I’ve been too lazy to get 7, but I guess I’ll do that now. Thanks for the help! Problem resolved.

UPDATE: Installed Windows 7 and it works fine! Thanks to everyone who contributed in the resolution of this problem.


How does Nihilanth work? In the skill.cfg found in the Valve folder it says sk_nihilanth_heatlh1 “800”, probably meaning that Nihilanth has 800 hp on Easy. So one should simply try to deal 800 damage to Nihilanth as fast as possible, make sure he doesn’t get healed by the crystals and be able to make the final blow when it’s time, right? But when it seems to me when I do pretty much the same thing multiple times, the difference in when Nihilanth’s head is opened varies between 30-38 seconds.

I also found sk_plr_egon_narrow1 “6” and sk_plr_egon_wide1 “14”. Can anyone explain these two different damage types?

Edit: Also, https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hxro9b2onnj9k5/nihi30.dem?dl=0
, this is how I got the Nihilanth kill in 30.3 seconds on Easy. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the Nihilanth kill faster?


Your demo looks pretty good. https://youtu.be/3RedqSuiY6o?t=32m34s This run by Tryedz took around 41s to kill the nihilanth. Unless you’re a human TAS I don’t see any better strats.

The egon narrow/wide MIGHT be a difference between multiplayer and singleplayer. http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Gluon_Gun It says here that the fire rate is 600rpm on singleplayer and 300rpm on multiplayer. Probably something else though.


Narrow/wide refer to egon feature which was cut from final version.


To update on my Nihilanth endeavours. A big thing I just found out about is that if you don’t let Nihilanth do any attacks he will let his head open sooner, as I understand it. So I did what was done in the segmented crowbar only run and also a new route to deal more damage quicker and I got a ~23.3s Nihilanth kill :>. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXUWsu4st7o&feature=youtu.be


sooo, i played the shit out of gldsrcs pack and thought my self why not test the other speedrunn tool nghl cuz i wanted to see the differences side by side

the problem is i didnt know what to download on the russian site (cause we no speak russian) and i rly wanted to test it xD and im a bit affraid of it beeing some bad shit that f*cks my computer to death xD

(yes i have trust issues, expacialy on the internet) pl0x help, thx :smiley:




Hi guys I hope someone can help me with this. I played half life when I was 10 years old. I don’t remember if I was playing the game itself or some mod of it. I’ll tell you the part that made most impact on me, and hopefully help identify it.

Basically it’s some kind of grayish alien world, you can hear in the distance someone calling your name. “Freeman!” , and shortly after some kind of howling sounds.

I hope someone knows what I am talking about, I hope I didn’t dream it or something. I would really like to finish it now that I am 27 :stuck_out_tongue:


Must’ve been a mod or something, the only place you can hear “Freeman!” in the distance is at the Nihilanth chamber, which is the final boss of the game (I assume you haven’t completed the game, so it can’t be that).


Give some more examples of this please. I’m pretty sure this is a mod because the only alien world I remember was not grayish. There is Xen, but everything in xen is alive. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/half-life/images/d/da/Bullsquid_Xen_Op4.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100129120110&path-prefix=en


Sweet Half-Life? The greyest place I know:


Yea I haven’t completed the game. That’s the sound I remember it. Now I can at least try and find it somewhere.


I’ve played half life in my local gaming cafe. Every single PC had half life and 5,6 mods it seems.

In the one I remember you start at Xen like world colored in gray, it was a bit foggy world if I remember well. You almost intermediately get called freeman, than you hear howling, and that headless dog jumps on you.

Thanks guys


So I’m trying to turn some demos into YouTube footage, and the quality is seriously degraded. I’m just wondering what the process was for Half-Life 21 (or any other nicely rendered run). What FPS did you record in HLAE at? If vdub was used, what compression did you have, if any? And when you stitched it all together what program did you use, and again what compression was used?

I’ve read I need to ensure two-pass encoding, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m also currently limited to Windows Movie Maker, which is probably a problem. I’ll likely have access to Sony Vegas in the future, are these options easy to access there?

Thanks in advance.


First of all, yes, YouTube does degrade the quality to complete garbage. It might not be so noticeable on others’ videos, but yes, it’s there, and it’s the same.

You record at whatever FPS you want / have disk space / time for, better to have a multiple of 30, 60 is the standard choice, or you can pick 120 for a downloadable quality for a much smoother playback on 120 Hz monitors, although not many people have 60+ Hz monitors.

Compression, once again, it’s best to upload lossless to YouTube if you can, however lossless files are really huge and it’s pretty much a placebo over properly compressed footage. As for me, I encode stuff with H.264 via ffmpeg using CRF. CRF is a variable bitrate encoding that tries to maintain a constant quality throughout the video. Two-pass encoding is needed only if you want to achieve some specific file size, otherwise one-pass CRF does the job. You want to use a CRF of about 19-20 for downloadable qualities (lower is higher quality but larger file), 23 should be good enough for YouTube uploads (depending on the footage this setting may vary, always check how the end result looks and adjust it if you don’t like it). When using two-pass encoding (from Vegas, for instance), pick a bitrate of around 20 Mbps (although that, once again, depends on the footage).

For stitching I use Vegas, I also used Adobe Premiere Pro which is very nice as well. If I don’t have enough free space to store the whole run in frames + the encode, I capture some part of it, then stitch together, encode with some high settings, delete the raw footage and then do the same process for the rest of the run.

Windows Movie Maker isn’t a good option due to its lack of features and horrible encoding quality.


Recently tried to create a footage via HLAE, using “mirv_movie_separate_hud” for dat advanced editing, but it doesn`t really seem to work properly.

After recording the demo i get 3 different footages (seems right for now):

  1. Game footage without HUD elements in folder “all” - check
  2. HUD mask footage on black backround in folder “hudcolor” - check
  3. And then there is weird thing happening in folder “hudalpha” - every screenshots is just a little crosshair against black backround. I don`t know, what is supposed to be in this third folder, but i still got a feeling, that something is wrong, since all this footage is completely useless for editing (just a black screen with crosshair in the middle).

What kind of footage do you get in this folder? Is there a problem with HLAE or demos themselves?

P.S “Force 8-bit alpha channel” option from HLAE launch settings was switch on. Without it every screenshot in “hudalpha” folder is white.


Actually, what you get in hudalpha is correct. Most of the time, the frames really are just a crosshair against a black background.

You’re supposed to blend the hudalpha footage in the manner described here, inverting and multiplying. The layer order is also important. This results in a more “solid” crosshair, because the hudalpha layer darkens the area in question on the game footage, making the crosshair less likely to get washed out in brighter scenes.


Really silly and stupid question here :stuck_out_tongue: . Is nghls improved hd models not allowed in runs? I’ve seen very few people use it, or is it just preference? Just a little curious.