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sorry that script worked out randomly, im going to make a tutorial about this with a better script


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I want to download the NGHL client so i can use _special scripts, is the russian site any trustable? Just to make sure, I don’t want any malwares or viruses in my PC, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


That site is the official source and yes, it’s trustable (I’d even say the* only* source)
You can also use 6027 build for _special scripts, you can get that here. (just overwrite the files)


Yes, the 6027 build works perfectly fine on Steam.


Problem with BXT

I installed half life and goldsource package on a new computer. When I ran the injector it said it’s not a valid win32 application. I am running windows xp. What should be done about this?


Try installing this (x86) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145


Already tried that. Tried it again still nothing.


I had a similar issue 3 months ago. For some reason the issue was fixed by simple re-download (and probably I also saved it in another folder?) back then.


Still nothing. Same error.


does anyone want to start doing races on SRL? all skill levels welcome, would be fun and good for streaming audiences!


Message on Discord or IRC, pretty sure someone will respond.

irc.speedrunslive.com (US)
irc2.speedrunslive.com (EU)
Live chat


Was wondering two things, why can’t I see servers on NGHL? And I see people one hitting some of the glass at the beginning of runs when you first get the crowbar, the alt fire on the crowbar isn’t working for me and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this


It works on the WON DLLs where the crowbar damage wasn’t broken.


If you want multiplayer go download Adrenaline Gamer. There is no alt fire on the crowbar. If you have downloaded the won dlls from speedrun.com (Half-Life section) then the crowbar damage is way better and you can break the glass in one hit.


Lucid_Charm, that’s the second time you’ve posted a question twice. Please don’t do this again.



In NGHL, the crosshairs are different, and i want to change them to the vanilla ones, but i have a small problem…
The machine gun crosshair just won’t change.

If someone can help me, i will be very thankful.


You could always copy the models/HUD from the Steam version of Half-Life.


I’ve know about Fastfire for a very long time but for some reason I never understood how to do it until recently for some reason. I found http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Fastfire which I swear I’ve visited in the past but the how-to pretty much went over my head.

OK, so, since I now know you can use it using save quick;save load I want to implement it in the RTA route, scriptless (and also scripted). So, I would like to learn more about Fastfire. Is it true that it can be done without save quick;save load and use wait commands somehow instead?

Also a question maybe more towards the makers of HL21, is there anything done in HL21 or found during the making of HL21 that is benefitial and suitable for RTA and is not currently used in up to date runs?

EDIT: Also, why is the test chamber skip possible in Single Segment (as well as other tricks and Skill changing)? Why does the changelevel delay make it work? I think the map is somehow loaded twice if changelevel delay is used. Is there any explaination to this?

EDIT 2: Just saw this, which I’ve seen before but I made notice of some new stuff here in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ9ehhxHWE8&feature=youtu.be
Why, at the 10 second mark, is the tank there? How, at the 42 second mark is he getting frozen in the air? At 1 min 9 seconds, what is happening - push triggers and +duck spam, how feasable is this in RTA scripted/scriptless?


About fast fire: it only cancels the weapon change animations, idk if you’re gonna be able to use it efficiently in RTA (also remember that it costs some little time each load).

Without the CLD you spawn inside a changelevel trigger, and that glitches it out and makes you not able to use another changelevel trigger until you saveload (by the way, the same beavior can be observed if you CLD and then hit another changelevel trigger while delaying changelevel). By doing a CLD you’re able to spawn outside the changelevel trigger and it doesn’t glitch out.