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binds for fps:bind f1 “fps_max 100”
bind f2 “fps_max 15”
bind f3 “fps_max 5”

i5 3330s
r9 270x
4gb ram

thanks for the fast replies, i really wish some1 can solve that problem


Damn! That should be more than enough to sustain decent fps!! have you done all that shit like disable v-sync and fps_override 1 etc? what version(s) of half-life are you using sorry?


As far as I know, AMD/ATI videocards have performance issues with Half-Life. The reason is most likely either architecture or drivers.

I’m assuming you’re using version before game was ported on Linux since D3D option is present in version you’re using. I suggest trying latest Steam version since Valve, quote: “Improved OpenGL rendering pipeline and output to leverage the capabilities in todays GPU”


i am using the latest version of nghl, and my vsync is ofcourse off, but i did not know about that fps override, cant find the command what is it?
btw i used to have a gtx 570 and it was the same, also clockwindow is 0 it is not the lagg after the loading zone, it is really random frame drops


the problem with the steam version is, im living in germany (“censored version” need to wait for dead bodies, or lets say sitting bodies much more than the normal uncensored version, and even that is sort of laggy)


Oh god that must be horrible. I don’t live in germany but for some reason it angers me that Valve would release that version of the game. Anyways, have you tried running in a window? Also do you have any exact numbers of what the framerate usually drops to?


i tried it windowed, normal, widescreen, and everything laggs, it dropps sometimes to 98 for some miliseconds and somtimes it even drops to 1 fps, it is really random as i said


What about background applications/processes (antimalware, browsers, IRC clients etc.)?


all these are turned off, even additional services were turned off to get higher fps at csgo, at csgo im getting 500fps without fps drops or lagg, it is really just half life 1


Well maybe you could switch from NGHL to GoldSrc Package 1.2


ok i got the steam version fixed, it is working now and no frame drops, but im still getting massive frame drops at when using the won version, plz help ; ((((


Question : i recently fell over the scripts with the _special command is this for the NGHL only becaus it doesnt work on the goldsrcPack ?


_special will only work in some versions (i.e pre-steam) so that puts the GoldSrc pack shit out of luck!
WON version can be a little different, version depending

see here http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Half-Life_Scripts

Also, while we’re on the topic of scripts. I am currently writing up a big zip full of configs, autoexecs and userconfigs that could be useful for new runners/lazy people. If anyone is interested in seeing this big script package I’d like to know, new and old members, so that I’ll have more drive to put it all together. It is for Half-Life, bshift and op4 with scripts for steam, tasing, casual play, won rules and people that still use NGHL/older versions! If that sounds kinda cool and/or it hasn’t been done then I could put it on mediafire, or even github so people could add to it?

thanks 4 the input m8s…


i wanted to play soem scripted runs, i tried out those new changelevel delays from hl21, all worked fine, just that forget about freeman chapter, i cant use any weapons after that changelevel delay, need help plz, how did hl21 do it without losing weapons

im using nghl 1.33


I think you’re ending the level too late. Also Quad made this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNcQGSejGxI


what level am i ending to late? should i make a faster script? it is possible with the gauss gun 2




You need to be in a certain spot when the new map loads to avoid having your weapons dissappear. For all I know, this spot could be one unit big. I’ve tried doing this scriptless and I got inbounds in the next map several times but I’ve never managed to keep my weapons. I suppose you use scripts so tweak around with the amount of wait commands and your mouse positioning. You have to go by trial and error and learn exactly where you need to be to keep your weapons. Maybe you can use programs that show map info (so you know where to be) but you’ll have to ask someone else about that.


ah thx, did not know i need to be in a certain spot, in the beginning of office complex there is another changelevel delay that lets the weapons go, could there also be a special spot for it? or no chance?


got it, idk if fps effects the perfection of getting this unit u told me about, i just tried it and it worked, i also went more to the left

watch at minute 52:05

quad is going more to the left side of the corner, i tried it even way more far to the left and it worked too

this is the script im using:

alias talal4 “+attack;+forward;+moveleft;w70;-moveleft;-forward;wait;+moveright;+back;w100;-back;-moveright;+forward;w100;w50;-forward;wait;+back;w70;-back;wait;+forward;w40;+jump;+duck;w4;-attack;wait;-jump;wait;-forward;w10;-duck;fps_max 300;w100;w20”