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Sorry, what do you mean? You want demos to autorecord?


i want script when i die in game he continuer record my demo


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can u give me link download Half-Life opposing force



Hey, i have that weird problem with my half life being HD and using models form resedualife, i cant fix that and its causing horrible lag, the weapons are giganting even with FoV-120

i tried removing the resedualLife files but it still uses them >.< does anyone know how to fix that

thx <3


They aren’t from residual life, they are just HD models. On latest steam you can disable them in the options, and on NGHL you chose this during the installation.


It’s using the resedualLife suit and firstperson viewmodels

i could live with that but it causes insane lags and loading times

The Siut from resedual life in the WON version:

EDIT: for some reason is the VALVE HL1 normal but the WON version (mine) not


can u give me files for bunny hop or good script bunnyhop

alias bh1 "+jump;alias bh@ bh2;special"
alias bh2 "wait;alias bh@ bh3;special"
alias bh3 "-jump;alias bh@ bh4;special"
alias bh4 "wait;alias bh@ bh1;special"
alias +bh "alias _special bh@;bh1"
alias -bh "alias _special;-jump"


Can someone link me to the download with the Steam to files in it? i accidentally verified my game and can’t find the link to the downgrade.

I’ve tried the “Half-Life Patch” on steam and version and neither of them work giving me errors.


can someone pls explain me how the Duckroll and the Usespam scripts for the WON version work it always tells me :

Alias name is invalid

changing the “name” in the alias alos doesnt work


Seems like you’re not actually running a WON version.

Are you using the WON launcher from GoldSrc Package? You have to use normal scripts there.

Also, why not just use Bunnymod XT?


ive been told to just download the goldsrc pack and use the won version in there for normal running of the game ???

all i know is the goldsrc pack and NGHL but apparantly NGHL is no longer used

EDIT: im using BXT+WON


soooooo? no respond?


Follow this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DQsnVo5A7s&list=PLfgEKs1V0wWc3A6kymkCzloHYTkwcsGYY


didnt change anything, re installed evrything and im still getting the same error


You can’t use those scripts on the latest Steam engine that’s present in the GoldSrc package. Follow that video Traderain posted to set up BXT and stuff and use +bxt_tas_autojump and +bxt_tas_ducktap.


i want script fast attack


me too please