Bunnyhop Script "alias name is invalid"


so my friend wants to run the w/ scripts category, and he needs to use this script:

//alias +bh1 "alias name bhop;bhop"
//alias -bh1 "alias name"
//alias bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name"
//bind space +bh1

becoz bxt is not working for him, the problem is that the script is not working

when pressing space(+bh1) developer message is saying “alias name is invalid”

does any1 have a fix for this? for me the script is working without problems

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Try the one that uses _special.


So Im a guy that nin was talking about. And I can say thats either _special or without _special are not working. It says the same thing. “Alias name is invalid”. What do I do now?


Try build 6027.


Yeah, now it seems that it works. But now its not WON version, isnt it? I mean glass in c1a1 breakable only after 2 crowbar hits.


That’s correct, 6027 is the last Steam build to have support for _special scripts. If you want to run the WON version, your best bet is to use BXT for scripts. What exactly isn’t working for you?

Try messing around with WON Package dlls, maybe you’ll find a combination that works.


About BXT, i cant launch it. It says something about missing .dlls. I tried to reinstall VC Redist, but in the end of installing sequence it gives me an error. So BXT is not working. I tried WON script, it is not working. “Alias name is invalid”.


Use build 6027 with the valve_WON folder from the GoldSrc package.


It doesnt help. It says the same thing and script doesnt work.


And the _special script.