Windows 10 Privacy stuff


I personally don’t find websites as scary since they are sandboxed within the browser, so they can’t track anything outside of the sites themselves, although downloadable apps I suppose could do some dodgy stuff without anyone knowing (isn’t this one of the reasons there are apps, come to think of it? :-\ ). Websites do monitor stuff all the time of course, and it is a bad thing, but the solution is basically to limit what you post online. Whereas the operating system has the ability to log / monitor pretty much every movement, keystroke, spoken word, etcetera etcetera… it’s terrifying really.

Good point. Remind me to never play any games again. Wait, crap. :-[


So long as you disable Flash, Java (supercookies, code execution/vulnerabilities etc.) and Javascript (WebGL exposes system info which can be used for tracking across sites).

Yes, the Facebook app reads and ships off all contact info (I know this because it knew my phone number before I ever entered it on the site - guessed it via other friends), messages (Asks for the permission, and I don’t believe they use it only for 2FA) and audio from whatever is going on nearby (publicly they say it is so they can suggest things based off what shows/movies you watch, but it has been know to show advertising based on recent verbal conversations).

Personally I’m not too fussed about suddenly limiting what info MS takes from the OS, telemetry data is going to valuable to them for a rolling-release OS (Websites like Facebook/Google do all sorts of testing and gather user usage patterns to determine what works best, MS are likely doing to be doing similar things, and I’d rather not end up with an OS tailored to just my grandma), and I have enough faith in them that they won’t use it for shipping off my data to the NSA or whatever, because if the NSA want any of my data they’ll get it irregardless of what my OS does (I mean, we know they have things like custom HDD and router firmware with backdoors for them, so…)


As long as your not doing anything too questionable shouldnt just turning off cortana be enough for most people? I mean i have a minor addiction to torrenting things so this post will be useful to me (I almost have a terabyte of torrented things). However, for your average person what difference does it make? Google/facebook for the longest time has targeted their adds based on what your ip searches. And that doesnt make a difference to most people. So why suddenly let it bother you when microsoft does it?

If its all down to concept I think its something I can look past. Then again this is all just my opinion. To each their own.


Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat


Why the fuck do they do this?


lol windows 10 can fuck off im going back to 7 at least i can disable that shit on there.


Shame I can’t go only linux I hate that games tie me to windows.


Same actually.


Once I do a fresh install again I am going to use win7 as well again. My game performance seem to have become worse.


I just wanna move to linux but I feel like that won’t be easy as I have been using Windows all my life.


Just learn the basics of command line on codeacademy and you are good to go.


I have Linux on another partition but since I broke my fstab I’ve been too lazy to fix it. Also, Razer drivers, expensive music and video software, tons of games… all need Windows. So currently I’m just dealing with Windows. I might try to get some kind of MinGW or Cygwin or something working but I’m just too lazy.


You can play and run a lot of stuff through wine on Linux. For me one of the things that requires Windows is osu!, which is extremely sensitive to any tiny input delay by its nature, and I get a little bit of delay when running it through wine. Although it should be coming to native Linux sometime in the future.


I have Wine (or would have) but it seems kind of limited. Unpacked Portal does work but it’s a bit slow and the mouse seems to escape the window a lot, plus the text glyphs in the console are all garbled. Oh, and the sound has ridiculous latency for some reason. Propellerhead Reason and Sony Vegas also just don’t work in Wine at all, and I paid quite a lot for them.

So yeah, Wine is a thing you can use but I kind of gave up on it. My plan is (or at least was) to eventually dual boot Linux and Windows and switch to the appropriate OS as needed, but as long as I can make do with Windows I’m not sure I’d actually bother with rebooting between the two constantly.

It just sucks that Microsoft still do all this spooky surveillance stuff. :-\


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15 years old
$1000 software


Well, if you prefer to believe that I pirated them, fine, but even then I still have them and want to be able to use them. ::slight_smile: Although I only have Vegas 12 Edit and Reason 7, for the exact reason that I can’t afford to upgrade (and don’t really need to).


Well, I made the change.

Considering how win10 is a wierd mixture of windows 8’s half tablet OS and windows 7 and how it tracks the shit out of anything you do/serach/say/install, I don’t have much hope for any future versions of windows, I’ll still use it for games but right now I’m doing most things in Mint 17.


Apparently having tools to “stop” tracking doesn’t have an effect anymore.


What a quality article, lol.

Voat user [...] News Sources: Forbes

That was the voat thread I saw last week some time, which I summarised my thoughts on r/netsec as

I hope he actually does some analysis of the traffic in future rather than just logging connections and speculating over what it is.

Install Glasswire, look at what processes/services are sending data where.

Set up a personal CA and MITM the TLS connections and actually see what data is being sent.

Then maybe there’ll be something interesting.

i.e. I laughed at his “analysis”

Citing Forbes as a source shows how blogspammy the entire post is.

Moving on…

has completed some extensive testing on Windows 10

(FFS this site adds those crappy backlinks to anything you copy, kill me now).

“Extensive”… He learned how to log connections on his router. See my comment above as to what I’d consider to be a starting point for analysis, what has been done is hardly extensive.

where he reports that during an 8-hour period, Windows 10 attempted to send back data from his PC to over 51 different IPS addresses owned by Microsoft, and at a staggering 5500 times.

Hey, actual content from the original source!

After 30 hours, the data being sent back to Microsoft from Windows 10 expanded to a huge 113 non-private IP addresses. These IP addresses being non-private means that hackers can intercept that data, which makes anyone using Windows 10 very, very vulnerable.

“non-private IP addresses” OooOoHhh… What a bunch of FUD.

First-up any sensitive data would be transferred using TLS, and because the guy doing the “analysis” hasn’t yet learned how to look at the traffic he’s logged (Or maybe it was of such little value he intentionally left it out) he hasn’t even figured out what the un-encrypted traffic is. NCSI and Windows updates use HTTP, the UDP traffic is Teredo, I’m sure some of the default start menu tiles also load data (Where else does it get weather and news from?).

The testing was repeated on another Windows 10 clean installation with all of the data tracking options completely disabled, and third-party tool DisableWinTracking was installed, which attempts to shut down all of the hidden Windows 10 data reporting attempts. This didn't help, as at the end of the 30-hour period, Windows 10 had still pushed data to Microsoft 2758 times, across 30 different IP addresses.

Confirmation bias at it’s finest.

“The computer is establishing 2500 less connections, obviously this means Microsoft are still stealing all muh TV shows”


The latest Windows 10 “Creator’s Update” sends the following HUGE amount of data back to microsoft if installed using the Default “full telemetry” option:

and the following amount, not much different, if using the “half” option.