Windows 10 Privacy stuff


I’m pretty sure the default is basic, not full (Unless you’re on one of the Insider rings). And all of the data in the basic list is pretty sensible stuff for the to collect to be able to understand what things people do/don’t use and how well things work on what devices.

The only invasive stuff would be the browsing/search/typing/speech categories, but during both a clean install and the CU update install you’re given a choice to turn them off (And it’s not hidden away, you can’t actually start the CU install until you’ve selected those options).


I just have an encrypted Veracrypt drive with Whonix where I do my stuff now because I don’t really care in general if NSA is spying on my dick picks.


Okay, a few bits to add on to my last post…

That post and the defaults I mentioned there was written after updating my Surface (Which automatically received the update).

Today I manually updated my main PC using the upgrade tool and that didn’t ask me to set the privacy options before installing, but instead did it after the update, where it did reset most of them to sending data/full diagnostics (I’m pretty sure I had disabled most privacy options on this PC before the update).

Also an aside, Cortana still isn’t enabled on either of my W10 devices, something that can’t seem to be done on any new install without a registry edit.