Windows 10 Privacy stuff


If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and you enjoy privacy, you’re going to find that Windows 10 has a lot of REALLY sketchy stuff in their privacy agreement like: and

Basically a lot of the settings that are set by default are set to send Microsoft a bunch of your stuff without you really knowing about it, and this happens A LOT, especially in the Edge browser which basically has a keylogger in it.

So here’s some tweaks and settings you can change in Windows to prevent tracking and data logging as much as possible in Windows 10, as well as some pretty useful tools.

Steps to take during installation to avoid intrusive tracking/logging.

Various registry tweaks for removing OneDrive, which sometimes syncs your stuff to a cloud without your consent and some other changes.

Disabling keyloggers and telemetry within Windows.

Microsoft telemetry servers to add to the HOSTS file, none of these prevent windows update as far as I can tell.

Set Windows Update to Notify before Downloading and Installing any Updates.

Miscellaneous settings.

Installation media tools x86
and x64

Clean ISOs.

Stay safe.


If there was ever something worth sticky-ing on this board, it would be this. This is extremely helpful.


“Turning this off also turns off dictation and Cortana” Reminds me of the initial plans for the Xbox One, which were basically no using the Xbox unless you have internet AND your camera turned on. What is wrong with this company…


Because of this:


Nice one dude.

Sketchy as hell that they do all that shit. The windows 10 tech preview had all sorts of loggers but that is to be expected of a tech preview.

But for the main OS to have all these, “issues”, is just stupid. I am going to keep Windows 7 I think :confused:


Windows 7 and 8.x are also getting telemetry and keylogging with updates.

Avoid/delete these updates:

Steps to disabling keylogging is similar.
Launch cmd as admin and:

sc stop Diagtrack sc delete Diagtrack

In Task Scheduler Library disable:
Everything under “Application Experience”
Everything under “Autochk”
Everything under “Customer Experience Improvement Program”
Under “Disk Diagnostic” only the “Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticDataCollector”
Under “Maintenance” “WinSAT”
“Media Center” and click the “status” column, then select all non-disabled entries and disable them.

I also suggest disabling checking for updates completely as some users reported that updates (apparently marked as “critical”) are installed automatically with checking for updates enabled.

I’ll most likely update this in case I find out more.


UPDATE: It seems like Windows re-installs KB2952664 each time you check for updates, hide it.
Updated hosts list.
Removed hosts list as it was confirmed to be useless.
Updated updates list.


Since this is Windows 10-related thread, might as well share some more stuff.

Main pastebin link with everything -:arrow_forward:

Frequently asked questions -:arrow_forward:

Easy Mode - Enterprise 2015 LTSB N setup guide for dummies -:arrow_forward:

Easy Mode - Stopping data collection -:arrow_forward:

Easy Mode - Customization & control -:arrow_forward:

And info about Windows 10 Enterprise (N) LTSB:

Difference between N and not N:
Difference from other editions:

Source: (Windows 10 General Thread #29) and (/wxg/ - Windows 10 General Thread #43)


Cool stuff, thanks.


Czech made analysis of Windows 10 data sending:

Key points pointed out in these threads: &

-It sends all text you type anywhere (not just into search) every 30 minutes to MS. If you type about a holiday to your blog, next day youll see holiday ads.

-every 30 minutes it sends your geolocation and network info

-if you type a telephone number into Edge it sends it to MS after 5 min

-if you type anywhere in windows a name of some movie, windows will start indexing all your media files after a while and will send it to MS after 30 minutes of your inactivity

-after installing W10, it will send about 35MB of data once

-after turning on your webcam for the first time it sends data to microsoft once. Probably your photo.

-everything you say is transferred to MS, it works even if you disable and remove and uninstall cortana. Parts of Cortana are needed for the core of the OS to run. Confirmed by MS helpdesk. You can be identified by your voice anywhere near a microphone after they get enough data from you.

-Voice to text is transferred instantly

-voice is transferred every 15 min, 80MB of data

-after 15 minutes of your inactivity or when screensaver is on, network activity ramps up and everything else is being sent to MS

-blocking in hosts doesn’t work, IPs are hardcoded into their code and DLLs

Forgot to add: *Please note that is anti-governmental and apparently pro-Russian news network and that’s why it’s very questionable as reliable, unbiased source.
That, of course, does NOT change the fact that packets are being sent to Microsoft which can be easily tracked by using network traffic monitoring software like Wireshark.
Example of data sending as shown in PeerBlock: ( if 4cdn 404’d)


Well, I guess I’m never switching to Windows 10… :’( :’( :’(


Holy fuck! deleting every update and removing all windows 10 related stuff… that is 2spooky4me man might actually need to go back to linux full time…


Holy fucking shit.

I’m staying on Windows 10, BUT, i’m going to have to put those addresses you’d normally put in your HOSTS file in my router’s Firewall, shit’s fucked up.

Also a reminder that Apple/OSX isn’t any better.


After the news of all this stuff being sent to Microsoft constantly an anon has created this guide:
Get PeerBlock here:

So far it’s been working for me quite well, after a while looking at incoming/outgoing connections in Wireshark I don’t think I can see anything too suspicious.

Also, this blocks Skype, so the best option if you want to keep allowing Skype is to make a txt file with this: in it, import it to the block list and instead of just allowing the entire microsoft IP database.


Thought this is related so why not post?

Link to post: ( if 404’d or blocked)


There’s a Windows 8.1 guide for it as well:


Here’s a tl;dr of the whole thing:


New telemetry updates rolling out for Windows 7 and 8.x

(Update that adds telemetry points to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7)
KB3080149 (Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry)


The 10 EULA is coming to previous OSes too.

It also appears that Win10 automatically doxxes accounts that are either guest or child accounts if they are bound to the same Microsoft account. Win10 sends emails to the system owner/admin that shows stats and browser history of non-admin accounts to your Microsoft email address.
An example of what happens:


Except Vista and Windows Server 2008 and obviously XP and Windows Server 2003 since they’re no longer supported.

This literally supposed to work only if you actually use Microsoft account which is absolutely unnecessary. (For your information.)


A Microsoft account lets me not set up a ton of settings every time I reinstall which is super useful (although can be done in a different way, by saving all settings in a .reg file for example).


guess im “getting” another copy of windows 8, and this time installing it without internet access. and disabling auto updates. I like windows 8, but this is seriously fucking with me.