Windows 10 Privacy stuff


Why? Unless the version of Windows 8 is from 2013 then there’s no point, the telemetry stuff will still be installed by default on a new ISO/copy.


Torrents are a glorious thing. I think I can travel back in time far enough to get a 2013 copy.





Thanks exec, I’ve seen a lot of tools like this that only alter certain settings but not block outgoing/incoming IP addresses, works great.


What the fuck.

"I know of two instances where people on metered connections went over their data cap for August because of this unwanted download."

This sentence is fucked up in so many ways. I mean how inept do you have to be to push a 3 - 6 gb download onto someone without even asking especially when you know that datacaps exist, christ.


Read this twice now. And the second time made me more pissed then the first. Come on. And Mr gates has always been an inspiration to me. I just.

Wtf the fcuk.


Bill Gates has nothing to do with this, he’s not even the CEO of Microsoft anymore, Satya Nadella is.


Well then

Update: deleted the file and turned of windows update. Idc about updates anyway. Turns out it’s 8.1 gigs. And rising. Didn’t affect anything saying as my hdd is a tb. But still. Shit freaks me out.

Update. $windows.~BT is 8.7 gigs approx. And wouldn’t allow me. An admin. And the only profile on the pc. To delete it.


Don’t use that to block the IP addresses, as it blocks Akamai addresses… Microsoft aren’t the only ones who use use Akamai, nor are the IP addresses exclusively Microsoft’s. Who knows what else you’ll break.


These are the IPs blocked:

of course I can just add and remove IPs and rebuild the script, it hasn’t affected any of my connections as far as I can see.


It blocks those by hostname, which is fine. A bit further down is a list of IPs that it blocks through the firewall, and at least one of them resolves back to Akamai (didn’t look closely at them all).


Akamai is?


CDN. Content Delivery Network.


One of the largest CDNs. MS would mostly use them for distribution of updates, Facebook hosts static content there, I know Apple also utilities them for large parts of iCloud.


The other day, I had 70 gbs appear out of nowhere on my C:\ drive after I got rid of everything relating to windows update (which I’ve had disabled for a couple years). Now I understand why.

Also, these are apparently the updates that prep your os for Windows 10

2902907 2902324 2952664 2976978 2976987 2977759 2990214 3021917 3015249 3022345 3044374 3035583 3050265 3050267 3065987 3068708 3075249 3075851 3080149


So this guy says a lot of the data sent to Microsoft is purely to make your Windows experience better, which is what they all say when faced with that question.

You are in control with the ability to determine what information is collected.

Yeah, but you have to find the IPs and block them manually with 3rd party software if that’s what they mean by “full control”. I get that they mean you can turn a lot of it off in the settings but some of it you can’t without blocking IPs.

Windows 10 nor any other Microsoft software scans the content of your email or other communications, or your files, in order to deliver targeted advertising to you.

Bullshit, if you’re using a guest or child account everything gets scanned and sent as an email to the PC’s owner/admin account, which goes through Microsoft servers. Also if you search for something in the start menu it uses your search queries to advertise Shit you’ve searched for on the start menu the next time you use it.


An example of something non-Microsoft not working after blocking those IPs:


Not to mention Google, Facebook, Youtube and many other companies. Or cellphone OSes. Even the usage of Steam might be questionable.