Velocity - the bhop game


Didn’t consider that. That’s even worse.


I uploaded 0.2.3b with the new skybox code. Unity says that isn’t supported but doesn’t throw any other errors and the file selection seems to work. I will look for a replacement tho, because it minimizes the game in fullscreen mode and I haven’t tested the linux version yet. Maybe I can find something free on the asset store, or I’ll just code my own file browser.

Full update log:

Download as usual:


I’ve asked my friend to test it on OSX and the file browser doesn’t work, unfortunately it’s probably the same on Linux. Shit.


Just an idea… you could technically implement a native browser on each platform, that way it’s a familiar UI / UX and you don’t have to create some kind of custom thingy…


In c#/mono there isn’t really a good way to implement a “native” file selection for mac/linux, I will have to write a custom one.


Oh because… okay
I guess you can implement it natively on Windows and use the custom one as a fallback.


What’s the point? The native one has drawbacks as mentioned in an earlier post and additionally doing it this way would break consistency for Windows.


For some reason I forgot the drawbacks when posting that. Well okay, consistency is good too. Actually come to think of it I’m not sure what I was thinking


level2 out of bounds wr

apologies for the music :E


Perhaps you could make a file path input window?


0.2.3d is out (for all operating systems), I decided to made my own file browser :stuck_out_tongue:


Will noclip ever be added to the game? Because I think that would be a great way to find time saving routes on new maps. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, would a texturing tool be possible to make in the map editor, like being able to add a texture to a single side of an object


^ forgot to ask that.
It’s probably quite simple to hack in.


Noclip will eventually be in the game, not sure when tho.
Texturing things in the editor is kind of complicated, and i’m not quite sure how to hanlde that. Maybe I’ll find a way to apply textures to an object’s face by somehow parsing the UV data and dynamicly creating a material for each edited object. I don’t know if that’s possible (how am i going to store custom materials, where do i even get uv data from unity, etc.), but if I cant’ work it out I will at least provide several “skins” for each bock.


Unity 5 is out. Would I be correct in assuming Velocity will be “ported”?

It’s a pretty great release. Now that so many engine features are available for free, it’s super easy to make games look really nice. I’d like to see Velocity get some nicer lighting and all that.

So far I haven’t run into any major problems when upgrading projects from Unity 4 to 5. It’s a pretty smooth process.


Sure, I’ll port to Unity 5 as fast as I can. I’ve thought about porting it to another engine entirely, but that won’t happen soon so I’ll stick with Unity for the moment.


Now seems like a good time to make a forceful mention of Source 2. Or of course, UE4 is free now too. Then again, Unity seems fine for the purpose if you don’t mind the lack of source code and hacky workarounds for input configuration that I said I might eventually make (oops)


Source 2 would be cool just because it’s got roots in what Velocity is emulating, but they pretty much haven’t said anything about what the engine actually is, does, or how user friendly it will be. Hopefully it’s at least got better documentation than UE4. Of course, an advantage of Source 2 (and it’s a BIG ONE) is Hammer. You can pretty much forget about ingame level editing if you’ve got something as fantastic as Hammer.


Actually Hammer in Source 2 is likely to be replaced by something completely different as the terrain system apparently uses models instead of brushes now.


Yeah, I pretty much agree with what Enjoi said. It’d be nice if Source 2 will get a “release” date soon, but I guess that will take some time.