Velocity - the bhop game


I’ve heard rumors that it’s going to probably end up a lot like Dota 2 Workshop Tools, which was (I think) pretty similar to Hammer. Either way, Valve’s competence in making a world editor would be a vast improvement over the countless hours of creating a custom editor.

Another neat thing Source 2 will probably make easy that would probably fit well with Velocity is integration with the Steam Workshop (assuming Velocity goes up on Steam some day).


IIRC any game that uses Source 2 has to go on steam (read that somewhere on reddit, might be wrong information).


Wow. That’s a bit of a leap from how it is now… I don’t even think I’d like that. I don’t want people seeing all my shitty failed test projects HEH
Nah, there would probably be a way to opt out. It would be cool if they did make it that easy to get on the platform though.


I think you only have to put it on Steam if you actually want to sell it :slight_smile:


I’m guessing “has to” would mean “has to be accepted” if anything.
Oh, and you should definitely submit it to be greenlit anyway when it is in a more complete state. I’ll definitely vote for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I just noticed the feature list on the Velocity home page and it got me wondering, do you use or have you considered using Trello to track feature progress, task management, feature requests, etc? It’s a great service. I use it for every project I work on now, and for managing homework in school (and embarrassingly, a grocery list/food inventory ::slight_smile: )

In case anyone’s never heard of it, here’s an example of a board for the development of Trello itself, set up by its own devs.

Although I don’t agree with their board setup, I like that they have it. I usually have mine set up like this: (Blurred because it’s a group project, don’t know if they want to keep things private or not)

The lists are lists. Added to (and moved between) lists are cards, which can be text, and/or contain things like checklists, images, document attachments. They can have a description, be labelled by color, have due dates, be commented on individually, be voted upon… a bunch of other things too probably.

It’s a really powerful platform for project management and I recommend it to everyone with a project of any kind, especially if you want to open it up to the public and have people contribute (you can set per-list and per-card permissions for people).


I know trello but just wanted something on my website (without linking to trello or something) where people can see what I’m working on. Personally I use Evernote to manage things, it’s a great program for keeping notes of basicly everything.


Maybe challenges could be a thing in the game, such as
Challenge #23 Complete v_temple_v1 within 20 seconds
Challenge #15 Complete v_temple_v1 within 25 seconds
Challenge #1 Complete BasicTutorial
or even something like
Challenge #8 Complete all maps in singleplayer
And then categories such as “Basic challenges” “Advanced Challenges” “Expert Challenges”

Also, “Xanman” “Feesh” “Cobalt” “Nitor” has -1 on BasicTutorial #CheatingButts

I know trello but just wanted something on my website (without linking to trello or something) where people can see what I’m working on…

Wouldnt it just be possible to add in a twitter feed and you could just post stuff on twitter instead?


Hm, I have thought about adding a system like Trackmania has, where each map has an author time as reference and generates slower times you have to beat in order to get gold/silver/bronze medals.
About the -1 times, I’m very sure people got these times (intentionally or not) through a bug in the game. I have no idea how they managed to do that tho, I’ll need to look into the code some more…


There should probably be some server-side bounds checking too so anything considered ridiculously unreasonable - say sub 6 on Level3 or something - automatically bans the player or at least rejects the time.

Also you could add some kind of TS3 style client hashcash thingy so that if someone gets banned it takes some effort to regenerate a valid profile for submitting times.


Or maybe have some system that automatically posts your demo when uploading to leaderboards, and people can check if it looks legit and have a “overwatch” system of some kind to decide if someone is cheating :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure that was an idea discussed before as well. I also think demo / time uploading should be optional so that people don’t have to send every failed run off to the server and eat everyone’s bandwidth.


Maybe you could just have a server which u send the demos to, and when a better demo is recorded the previous one would just be removed


Storage space isn’t the issue; it just makes sense not to have everyone spam the server with data.
EDIT: also, removing the demos is a bad idea because there should be a record of stuff.


Demo upload is planned and will be implemented eventually: The current idea is that the top 10 times for every map need to upload their demo, or they aren’t valid. The demos will be uploaded to my server, and everyone will be able to see them. There will be a system where people can be reported, and I/a mod will watch the demo and delete the time.


Okay, Sounds good :stuck_out_tongue:


Uploaded a new pre-release, with a lot of new things! I’ve updated the game to a new Version of Unity, with updated physics (and graphics) which means that there might be a lot of bugs in the movement now.


Will the editors block selecting menu ever be more… simplified? because you cant read full name of some ramps and blocks. I made a small map too :stuck_out_tongue:

Feedback below
I get the feeling that you are accelerating faster now for some reason, and that everytime you press esc in any menu, the game freezes untill you press esc again, and that will bring up the “continue - main menu - quit” menu.
found reflection bug on Level4, and annoying reflections on Level3


I agree, I found the editor kind of hard to use, Do you think it would be possible to add a seleCtion tool, and possibly to make the grid stay in position and the objeCts move around that instead of the other way round, as a reference point. Other than that its a fun and great game.


I’ve taken a break form developing in the last few days, but I’m back now. The editor definitely needs some work, and I have some plans for the UI and the models. Also, having a 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, …, version of each block is really inefficient and I’ll implement some way of resizing objects. A way to select placed blocks is also really needed.
With the update to Unity 5, it also could be possible to load whole levels made in the Unity editor itself, for more advanced design and custom models.

I get the feeling that you are accelerating faster now for some reason
Would be really weird if that was actually true. I didn't change anything about the movement code.
and possibly to make the grid stay in position and the objeCts move around that instead of the other way round, as a reference point
I'll think about that, a reference point is really needed and the grid gets in the way a lot.