Velocity - the bhop game

So, as a few of you might already know, I’m developing this game called Velocity. It’s a recreation of source-engine bhopping (but not in Source!)
It’s free and you can download it at
The game is still in early development, but I want to ask you for some feedback. How does the jumping/strafing feel? I made a few (ugly) levels so you can play around, compare times etc. There are also console commands you can use to change gravity/acceleration and more. Feel free to criticize things/request features, I am always open to feedback.

List of keys:
You can rebind all keys in the menu that opens before the game starts
W,A,S,D move
Space hold to jump (autobhop)
Esc open menu
R reset to last checkpoint (or start)
F1 always reset to start
F2 open console
F8 open debug info (position, speed, etc.)

List of commands:

The way commands are displayed:
is a required parameter
(parameter) is a optional parameter

List of console commands:
help This
quit Closes the game
forcequit Closes the game no matter what
connect (password) Connects to a multiplayer server
disconnect Disconnects from a server
newserver (password) Creates a new server and connects the client to it
stopserver Stops the server if you are running it
playdemo Plays back a demo with the given file name. Demos are read from the “Velocity 0.2.X_Data” folder.
move_friction (new friction multiplier) When the player touches ground, the speed will get multiplied with this.
move_speed (new input speed) Player movement input will get multiplied with this
move_maxspeed (new max speed) Player speed limit. Once reached, only strafing can increase the speed further.
move_airspeed (new air speed) Air control (influences air strafing a lot)
move_jumpheight (new jump height) The force with which the player gets pushed upwards when jumping
move_gravity (new gravity) Global gravity

Please don’t post times after changing something with the move commands, it will result in unfair times. Have fun!

The airstrafing and jumping feels really accurate to Source engine bunnyhopping, however pre-strafing feels pretty strange. I think there’s too much ‘slide’ or delay when walking and therefore hard to pull off a circlejump, probably worth increasing the maximum walk/run speed too. I was really pleased that standup bhop is a thing (gaining more height by holding duck and releasing as soon as you jump to create a ‘spring’ effect - very popular in KZ and other GoldSource movement), however sometimes when attempting to perform this trick I would clip through the ground.

I really like the idea of the replay/demo system, however would be nice to be able to have both firstperson and thirdperson views.

Edit: Just tried the ‘Play Demo’ feature, when the demo ended and I pressed ‘Restart’ it was still in thirdperson and I couldn’t move whatsoever.

A really great starting point and with some proper aesthetics and tweaks in movement will make a really cool game as AFAIK nothing like this has been done before in terms of an independent game and not a mod of another game like Defrag or Bunnytrack. Looking forward to seeing the growth of this idea :slight_smile:

This is really cool. I agree with PJC’s comment and I think speed should be part of the main GUI. I would love to create maps for this game.

I’ve been playing this for a while and it’s pretty addictive ;D
I would say some things moved a little closer though. The end of level 3 is almost impossible to do because it seems you have to have a really specific speed and positioning to actually get over to the last platform…
This is a really cool idea though and I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

I will eventually add support for an external map editor, however I have to get the basic gameplay done first.

I know what you mean, walking around without jumping seems a little sloppy, I’ll try to fix that in the next version. If the speed on the ground is too slow, I should probably lower the friction (move_friction) and not the maximum run speed (move_maxspeed), because you don’t even reach that on the ground. I’ll play around with the values a little more.

WOW, this is awesome! Can’t wait for this game to make more progress. The game mechanics and overall feeling is already really neat and addictive. Great job man!

P.S. on level 2. What’s your times?

Neat game indeed! Got some stuck glitches by crouching. And refining the prestrafe as mentioned.

BasicTuturial: 12.95274
Level 2: 12.25305
Level 3: 13.19867

This is amazing, Like it looks like you have made this in like unreal engine :),but I found a glitch where I crouch, uncrouch and then I get stuck in the same height as crouching

So yeah this happened for some wierd reason :slight_smile:

And yeah, D4rw1N I am coming for your time :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, no clue what the hell happened there. Also, some peolple here said they managed to get stuck by crouching, can you give me a video or something? I can’t replicate it.

I did some wierd strafing backwards/left and glitched on the edge off the spawnpoint and I guess that just f***d up collision, and also that was just so random, like I was gonna record for a video to try to beat D4rw1N in the game, but got that instead :stuck_out_tongue:

and also i made this leaderboards just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, I’ll evenutally put leaderboards in the game itself, however I need to learn PHP first (or find someone that does it for me)

yeah I just thought temporarily :slight_smile:

Level 1: 13.15039
Level 2: 12.91882
Level 3: 12.84229

BasicTutorial: 12.95288
Level 2: 11.37231
Level 3: 12.59961

hella fun! definitely going to try my hand at designing a few levels for it in blender.

Level 2: 11.45801

A little weird that being mid-air and pressing forward gives accel up to 7 while walking only accels up to like 4 (compared to 30 ups in-air and 320 ups on-ground in goldsrc), it’s also a little odd that air-accel seems to be the same while standing and crouching. The sensitivity option also seems to be off compared to goldsrc.

Edit: Level 2 - 9.49646 with YaLTeR OoB

Level 2 OoB: 9.845703!
Demo Highlight

YaLTeR, how the huh? :o

BunnyHop Wall Hacks obviously

To do the clipping glitch, hold crouch while in the air and then release it as you hit the ground. It’s actually not that hard to do.

Maybe you could keep this glitch in and some maps can be made around abusing it?