Velocity - the bhop game


Well now OoB isnt that hard anymore, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

And also is it possible to bind anything to the scrollwheel?


You don’t need to bind jump to scroll wheel because it jumps for you :stuck_out_tongue: … unless there could be an option to disable pogo jumping for the extra challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think the crouch clipping glitch should be kept in because it’s too silly and could annoy casual players. If some other, more obscure OoB glitch gets added / discovered, that would be fine.


I will patch the crouch clipping, I don’t think that it’s a mechanic worth keeping.


Yeah, no it isnt :slight_smile:


Level 3 in 14.96518

Tons of fun! Can’t wait to see updates in the future!


New version (0.2.1)! I changes some physics and fixed a few bugs. Get it at



The console is a lot of fun to mess around with.

Out of curiosity, what’s the default value for move_friction?

This game seems like it could be a lot of fun as a relaxing sort of thing too if people make some awesome scenic maps; turn off the timer and just bhop around and enjoy the scenery.


The default value for move_friction is 0.9, which means that your velocity is multiplied with 0.9 every tick if you are on ground (and don’t hold space). Since version 0.2.1 the game runs at 100 ticks/second


Neat. What are you working on for the next update?


I’m going to put in the HL1 movement code that Yalter gave me, and see how that turns out. After that, I’ll either be working on online leaderboards or fixing multiplayer.


I vote online leaderboards :slight_smile:


Online leaderboards, so we can compare.

tutorial: 14.63
level2: 13.97
level3: 13.34

(i suck at speedrunning anything)


You may want to edit new releases and such into the first post. Keeps things a bit easier to keep track of so others don’t have to go hunting the latest release down.

EDIT: I guess I didn’t notice that the link on the first page is to your main page, not to a direct download. Ooops.


A small map I put together :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a way for other peole to play the map without uploading a whole new build of the game but I can send the map you TheAsuro so you can put it in the next build if you want to.


Wow, this is amazing!


Awesome map! Hope to see more from you in the future :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: That’s awesome! Send me it please! :smiley:
If not, I can wait for the next release I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Good lord, that’s a good looking map.


BasicTutorial: 12.87
Level2: 12.30
Level3: 12.03


walllucas: your map looks really awesome, not to offend the official maps, i like simple maps, but didn’t expect maps to look that good! gj!