Velocity - the bhop game


I just randomly got a 12.69 on level 3! :smiley: Unfortunately I never took a screenshot because I didn’t know that would be the top of the leaderboard :frowning: I’m gonna keep trying though :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: 12.62 :smiley:
edit again: oh PJC already did better… time to keep practicing :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome work! Feel free to send it to me. I couldn’t work on the game over the weekend, but i’ll try to finish the leaderboards soon.

EDIT: PM me your skype name or something :wink:


Does someone here know where I can get a cheap server to host my leaderboards on? I’d need to run php scripts and a SQL database.


Version 2.2 is out! I made some changes to the UI, fixed the console and many other things. Also, there are now 2 more maps (by sndrec and walllucas).
Download as usual:

Things that may or may not appear in the next update:

  • A complete rewrite of the movement system to be closer to hl1
  • General improvement of the demo system
  • A way to manage your demos in-game
  • A level editor
  • Support for cusom levels (load levels from files)

Leaderboards are implemented, as soon as I get a server they will be active.


Wow nice update!

I got a 31.5752 31.34424 on temple, I’m not the greatest bhopper though.


Temple in 24.3 : >


Velocity 0.2.2b is out, with leaderboards!
[sup]Warning: The leaderboards will be reset after each major update, and may be unavailable at times[/sup]


Woo! takes all wrs try harder sadf :^)


Started it up today and went to redo the old levels to get back into the feel of it. 5 seconds into lvl 1 I found a bug which launches you into the air REALLY high.

  1. Find an area you can only get under by crouching
  2. Crouch and crawl under neath it.
  3. Un-crouch close to the edges, but not too close.
  4. Profit.


Happened to me once ramdomly. pretty awesome game so far. Would be awesome if there’s something like a level editor.


I love that game! But I can’t connect to the leaderboards…

anyway who did Level 4 yet? I was only close one time to the third plate thingie and then I fell off… :smiley:

Please add more levels, fix the leaderboards and get a new name for that game… because I can’t really find it on YouTube an stuff… =/


Yeah, I found that too. I managed to do a jumpless run! :stuck_out_tongue: It took like two hours though because duckrolling across that fairly large gap after the gate with the checkpoint really far away is a pain lol


Thanks for reporting that bug :smiley: I’ll fix it in the next update.


Getting to the end is rather easy, but there’s no ending point so the level is pretty much incompletable. Plsfix Asuro :slight_smile:


good job on the update, just noticed the settings section, which has all i needed, fov! :smiley:
quake fov forever!1!1!1one

any tutorial on how to make some easy maps comming? thanks.


I’ll add a in-game level editor in the next big update, because making maps with Unity is not very good, and i’d have to put every map into the game manually. The level editor will create maps that you can load at runtime.


Don’t forget a Level-Upload feature.


I’ll probably add that in a later update, I need to set up the server to accept the uploaded files.


sounds awesome, meanwhile we can just upload it somewhere mega/dropbox etc…


I fixed the leaderboards, if you score a pb now it should automatically delete all your old times. Can someone confirm that?