Velocity - the bhop game


Found a potential bug. When I start a level, it says WR: Littlesackninja -1 (or similar) So it thinks I have the WR of -1s. Not sure if this is known, but it is probably just a network error. (Using 0.2.3d Pre-Release)


Yeah, sometimes the game just magically submitts a -1 time to the server. I have no clue how that happens…


Perhaps cheat engine, or something similar?
Also, that acceleration thing might just have been that I cleaned my computer and had like 25 more fps than normal, so im guessing it just felt faster without lag.


Cheat engine? Whats that? Can I bunnyhop on this engine? Chuckles Hehehe…


:>,I dont think you cheat, but maybe its some error occuring when pc and server is miss communicating


I somehow managed to fly down through the floor to finish on level2


Looked into the issue a little more, and found this in GameInfo.cs

   public void runFinished(TimeSpan time)
        lastTime = time.Ticks / (decimal)10000000;
      getCurrentSave().saveIfPersonalBest(lastTime, Application.loadedLevelName);

Default lastTime is -1 so I think there’s maybe a problem calculating time? I was also thinking it could be in leverFinished() and caused if a player jumps directly into the demo and leaderboard trigger on their first run (perhaps make sure runFinished is always called before levelFinished, if it’s posible it’s not?).

Edit: Actually verified it can only happen on BasicTutorial if you go directly into the plate that submits the leaderboard. You just have to walk around the green zone (ss:


The line you posted is actually the new timing code, the stable version still calculates the time with unity’s Time.time variable.

But yeah, I didn’t think of the possibility that you can “skip” the end level trigger (which means you never finish your run) and submit your time. The system will be updated so that your time will be submitted when you hit the green trigger instead of the platform.

Thanks for debugging that :smiley:


Hi creator, your game is great and has some pretty awesome potential, but I do have a problem. After I finish a map, there is a replay of my run of the level, and then it just freezes. The only thing available to me is the console.
How can I exit to main menu after finishing a level?


That’s a weird thing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. What version of the game are you playing on?


I’m playing on version 0.2.3d


I fixed a similar bug in 0.3, you could try out if it’s fixed in the pre-release.


When I try to launch on Linux via command line, I get the error:

*** Error in `./velocity_0.3pre2.x86': munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x0acbdbb0 ***

I have permissions set correctly and everything, is there something I am missing to run this?

This is on version 0.3pre2


That doesn’t seem like a problem on your end, I’ll investiage tomorrow if I have time. Sorry for the lack of upates btw, I’m busy with other projects and uni at the moment :confused:


Sorry that i’ve bumped this old thread. Is the game dead, or? :frowning:


It’s not dead, but I haven’t worked on it for a few months and am now slowly coming back to it. An update is planned for next week, although it will only contain bugfixes and an account system.


I’ve always found it annoying that I can’t set the mouse wheel for jump (This might be because of unity) and that I can’t set the FOV. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard to implement these sometime in the future.

Edit: Nevermind. Just looked in the settings and saw the FOV slider.


just use autojump, it’s a feature in the game on purpose


Soo i downloaded the file and i dont know how to start it and i want to play. plz reply and tell me how to play it!


Pretty straight forward. Unzip the .zip file and open the .exe