Velocity - the bhop game


it just says velocity o.3 (osx_86).app and thats it! i looked through every file and it doesn’t work!
What file is it?


Sounds like you downloaded a Mac version on Windows?


actually i had download os x because windows version doesnt have the exe in it so my problem is fixed.sorry for the mishap


this game is super (i just wish i knew how to bhop :stuck_out_tongue: ) but for some reason it doesn’t show the text. all i see is these big square blocks that look like letters. i cannot read them so i am at a loss to what to do. i have a mac and i have downloaded the latest version.


Hey danbannana, thanks for the feedback. I have heard of this bug before, but have not found a way to reproduce it yet. Can you tell me which text doesn’t show exactly?

Also, this might be a bit tricky to find (I have never done it on mac), but there should be a file called “output_log.txt” somewhere inside the game files (probably Contents/Data). If you could find that it would help me a lot.


Hey Asuro,
Thanks for the fast response. i downloaded it on my other computer (yes i have 2 macs) and its fine. the text that isn’t there is all of it. as for the file i couldn’t find it.


Hi and thanks for this super fun game!
some things i want to be added!
-new maps
like creative ones… just like the ones their is now…
-new modes
maybe backwards only? or W-only.
would be cool if you had some kind of playermodel.
even if there is servers on csgo or css it would still be a nice touch to have servers hosted by you or some bhop community. it would make the game more “open”
-better bhop editor/maker
its very good right now but their is some things that can be added like having more advanced options… (maybe animated blocks etc)
-fix the demos
for me on mac the demos are very bugged and can maybe be fixed…

Thanks for reading! :DD keep up the great work… :wink:


I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It’s so addictive. But I would love if you could make some surf maps! Also the earliest beta didn’t come with a .exe for some reason. I love the game and please make more surf maps <3. In my opinion surfing is way better than bhop but bhop is pretty darn fun!!


Hello guys! Played around with this game again a while back and thought it would be fun to post a map that came out of it.


Holy shit man, great job! I didn’t expect anyone to still make levels for this game, especially not with this much effort put into them. This kinda makes me want to work on the game some more, although I don’t really have the time for it. However, maybe I could package the map with the game and bring the leaderboards back online, if you’re interested.