Velocity - the bhop game


i got that not bad for the time i spend on this game :smiley:


New version is up! Featuring:

  • Leaderboard submission (with the new movement)
  • A bare-bones level editor
  • New maps by sndrec32.exe
  • Various updates and fixes

Download the game and read the full changes:


I think this release has a few branding issues


Oops, I totally forgot to change that. I have clicked through the main menu way to many times by now :smiley:


I think the main menu could perhaps be redesigned to either be more interesting so people spend more time on in, or less important so that it involves the minimal possible user interaction. Right now it’s… something that feels like it’s only there because it has to be :stuck_out_tongue:

wow i just gave a critique on a main menu

Actually while I’m at it, it would be nice to get rid of that Unity pre-launch thing somehow, and put keybindings in game.


Hmm, I think you’re right. Selecting a level from the start takes way to many clicks. I’ll fix that one day.
The same goes with the key bindings, but unity is kind of annoying about that and doesn’t let you change the bindings in code, so I will have to write my own input system. It’s on my list too.


no surely that

edit: I need something to do and I have Unity. Expect a pull request soon.
edit 2: Don’t expect it soon actually. I am lazy and bad.


Yup, Unity is that shitty sometimes. Also don’t worry if you don’t have time to do it, I’ll add it eventually.


Hey man, I played this game and accidentially set the wrong resulution, would there be any way to make the window resizable?


Unity doesn’t support resizing the game window, but you can always restart the game and select the correct resolution.

Edit: When i update all the menus there will be resolution options in-game.


ok, sound good :>


One thing to report: mouse cursor is not locked on the game when trying out the map in Editor mode :frowning:

I made a map also

I’d suggest adding stair mechanics (stepsize). It’s funny that you have to jump over very short obstacles, even 1 unit high.


Nice map! Also, I spotted a glitch you used in your video where you got a boost from the start trigger. I’m going to fix that in the next version, as well as the buggy cursor. Stepsize will also be a thing soon, it should fix some annoying bugs that happen as well.


There’s also a bug I forgot to mention is that the player is slipping off slanted walkable (with 0.7 < plane.normal.z < 1.0) surfaces which is pretty annoying.

[edit] probably rigidbody.useGravity is the cause!


Sent a pull request, I began implementing something I find pretty important: Skybox support!

Here’s a couple casual runs showing how much it changes things. The tutorial level looks vastly different even with a random skybox from Google, and the temple level looks cool in a space environment.
(Wow, the second map did not render well at all)

A list of the changes:

  • Added a Skyboxes folder in Assets/Materials and two default/placeholder skyboxes.
  • Added a worldSkybox material to WorldInfo, so skybox handling is done by the level. If there is no skybox, the background color should be used.
  • WorldInfo maintains a list of GameObjects (which all should be cameras) that should be notified when the WorldInfo skybox changes.
  • Added new CamSkybox script to Player prefab camera, GhostCam prefab camera, and existing camera in the level editor.

    This script adds a skybox component to the camera if one doesn’t exist, and will use the skybox set in the WorldInfo of the current level.

  • Added skybox editor in the Level Editor with basic functionality for saving, clearing, and selecting each individual image from a file.

    Skyboxes should be saved along with the level, but that’s for later. Not sure of the best way to go about it yet.

  • Added System.Windows.Forms.dll to Assets/Plugins for access to the WinForms OpenFileDialog for use in the skybox editor. Of course, this will be useful for other file handling as well, like saving/loading levels in the editor.
  • Changed API Compatibility Level in Build Settings from .NET 2.0 Subset to .NET 2.0 so WinForms works properly – Not really sure what this does or if it’ll affect anything else.

The buttons in the skybox editor behave a bit weird, no matter which button you’re hovering, the down button is the one that shows the hover/pressed status. Not sure why.
I have a video of the editor as well, but it won’t encode properly, so I’m leaving that out.

Anyways, this was just a quick side project for fun, so if it’s denied/scrapped/whatever that’s fine. Working on this game is pretty fun, and I’ll probably play around with some more stuff in the future.

Also, I realize now that my commit messages are hard to read. I’ll start formatting those better.


Good job on the skyboxes! I’ll merge the pull request tomorrow if I have time to do it. Definitely a good addition to the game :slight_smile:


That looks a lot better :smiley:
About the commit messages, they’re fine if you ignore the tense and the random hyphens :stuck_out_tongue:


Merged your skybox stuff, and fixed the buggy buttons. I don’t know if the windows.forms stuff will work on linux, I’ll try that out tomorrow.


Yeah, I was worried about cross platform compatibility. It may work, as it’s a Mono implementation of WinForms (I think), but I’m not sure. My Linux box refuses to connect to my network right now so I couldn’t be arsed to test it myself.

It would really suck if it doesn’t work. Using that is SO much easier than the alternative, which is to get a unity GUI file browser from the store. Really don’t want to do that.


That wouldn’t even be possible because then every single person wanting to build the code would have to buy it.