Velocity - the bhop game


Duckroll is pretty much bunnyhopping, but using doubleducking instead of jumping.

Also, I too vote to keep in the crouch bug.


Oh , thank you :slight_smile:

i’m a cs 1.6 kz player , we call it doubleduck. (if more than 2 ducks , we call it multiduck)

btw how to keep the speed with the multiduck , this game can’t bind mwheel to dd , i only use ctrl to duck in this game.


And we call it ducktap here :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I too vote to keep in the crouch bug.
Sorry, crouch bug will no longer be in 0.2.3. It is too inconsistent and has a lot of annoying implications like being able to clip through ceilings and stuff.

0.2.3 should be out until end of week, the only things that need to be fixed are the slow ground speed (friction does not exactly behave how i want it to) and some weird uncrouching behaviour.


Doubleducking, duckrolling and ducktapping are 3 different things (at least in my mind).

Doubleducking is tapping duck twice quickly to climb up something without jumping. Duckrolling is spamming duck as quickly as possible to get a ‘sliding’ motion, and ducktapping is timing the ducks so that you’re basically ‘bunnyhopping’ with the duck key instead.


the ducktapping mean this? (we call this multiduck)

doubleduck / multiduck is a useful skill for cj , cj = count jump

1 duck + lj = cj
2 duck + lj = dcj
multi duck + lj = mcj

cj can get higher pre than lj in cs. (cs physics is not same with half life tho)

i’m first time heard “duckrolling” and “ducktapping”


Yep. Ducktap is basically when you tap your duck key (because in order for the bug to happen you need to release +duck before the ducking animation finishes and usually you want to release it right after you pressed it) and duckrolling is spamming ducktap really quickly by means of a script.


I just used a macro :^)
You could also have a non-macro external rebind which makes scroll act like ctrl.
Or Velocity could / probably should somehow allow binding scroll to stuff.


In-game rebinding of keys will eventually be in the game, but unity is kind of a bitch about keybinds, so it will take some time :slight_smile:


oh god, someone with an actual, visual signature

Also, it might be interesting to try to stabilize bugs, and just leave them in for the sake of the game, however unorthodox and unprofessional it might seem.

Also, it might be interesting to try to stabilize bugs, and just leave them in for the sake of the game, however unorthodox and unprofessional it might seem.
I agree with you there, but the bug is imoossible to stabilize, as it is caused by the internal collision engine of unity, that I can't access. The bug was caused by me "teleporting" the player into a wall because I didn't check the space above the player while uncrouching. Unity seems to boost you up (sometimes other directions) if you are sruck in al wall.

I won’t remove all glitches i find, just the ones that make playing the game less fun/too frustraring (obv. based on my subjective opinion).


Are they still going to be called bugs at that point then? Or are you going to name them “mechanics”. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for some glitches in the game but i think you’re going to need a tutorial for them so newer players don’t get really turned off if someones getting a way nuttier time via a glitch that they had no idea about.

Also do you plan on having WR demos available in the leaderboard menu?


Bugs are unintended, I guess, so if I keep them they will become mechanics. Of course I will have to teach them, and I’m already working on a few tutorial levels.

Uploading demos to the server is a tricky thing (I don’t want people to be able to upload anything they want), but I plan on making demos for the top 10 entries (per map) mandatory if they want the time to be “legit”.


New movement is cool but every map is pretty much ruined after the change :frowning:
Here are my times :wink:

Version: 0.2.3pre5

BasicTutorial 00:09.145
Level2 00:08.581
Level3 00:09.183
Level4 00:08.383
Level5 00:19.336 (bad time, surfing is uncontrollable)
Level6 00:01.777
v_tempel_v1 00:12.744

surfing is uncontrollable
In what way is it uncontrollable? I know it isn't perfect yet, but in what way could I improve it?


Absolutely loving this game! The new movement did kinda make things easier. The new maps are great! I did manage to do the crouch glitch, still don’t how though.

Times (Version 0.2.3pre5 )

BasicTutorial- 00:9.166
Level2- 00:9.436
Level3- 00:9.310
Level4- 00:17.815 ( no major skips )
Level6- 00:02.109 ( 00:07.452 without skip )
v_temple_v1 00:12.695

Thanks for the great game! <3


How are you people so fast like what is going on

best I can do for the tutorial level is 10.9 ;-; Gotta get back to practice.


Hey Asuro, I think I may have set a really good time on the BasicTutorial level. My time was: 9.063828. I’m not sure if anyone can get past this.


Sorry, forgot to add ‘on this map’ :smiley: I couldn’t reach the way down if I start surfing from beginning.

I just did sub 9s :open_mouth:


2 legit 4 u