SourceRuns Site discussion


I know what you mean by cluttered, but it just so happened that having a column on either side made the middle column 600px wide - what was needed for the banner thingo (Although that can easily be made wider, I just can’t be bothered re-making all the images :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh, and the user info bar up the top shouldn’t be there, but for whatever reason it won’t go away using the inbuilt setting. Time to get hacky :3

EDIT EDIT: Alright, hows it look now?


That is starting to look pretty damn nice! :slight_smile:

Considering the scrolling show of runs:
I think it would be good if you could choose what run you’re interested in a visual menu, just like you can on But that might be a problem if we have too many runs, just an idea though.


We could always have the latest/the most popular runs there


Installed BuddyPress - Now you can register to the website, PM others and do stuff like that.

BuddyPress can be also integrated with SMF :slight_smile: (Moves Users etc.,)


Love the progress on the sites, and I must say my vote has now moved to Cameron’s design. eXeC, I think yours is great, but Cameron’s now seems to have set itself apart from the forums, while still keeping the basic theme.

What does everyone else think?


I think the site with TinyCMS would be perfect. I don’t think wordpress would fit with the forums and such. Cameron, are you still working on this? I can’t wait for the sourceruns website :smiley:


I still have all the stuff here, I should probably re-read the thread and see what suggestions there were.


As long as we don’t have a site that looks generic as hell, I’m cool with it.


If/When the site gets done, something like this would be cool:

Are Cameron working on the site?


Oh, that’d be cool. Cameron said the site was done, and he’d be uploading it, but that was a few weeks ago. A few weeks. Ago.


I thought Cameron’s SR frontpage was done long time ago. And everybody agreed it was very good. Why isn’t it published?


Hurry up!

CooL, I found this little thingy around!




Well? Any news on this? I can’t wait for the website!


What in the actual fuck? I made that?




One beer too many that day?


I’m dying to see this damn website!!!


Yeah. These turtles only make me want it MOAR


I should really do something about that ey.