SourceRuns Site discussion


I guess this site could be nice for all source/goldsource runs at least. We just have to fix the site itself first. And hey, we’ve already got the forums up, so we’re just about half-way there!


I could help alot. I’m good at HTML and PHP. I’d recommend to create one using WordPress or Joomla.

There’s alot of other CMS like PHP-Fusion, but I dont know which one is the best for stuff like you guys want to create. I’d use WordPress, since its very easy to use, and has alot of abilities to extend it with plugins, themes. :slight_smile:


I think this will be better actually: (As much as I like Wordpress, having everything wrapped into one neat package is always nicer)


Maybe should start with a list of anything left to add.

I’m pretty sure video should be near the top.


So, everything will be constructed without CMS?
Here’s a test site I made under HTML. Could be done better if I would spent more time on it. Anyway, this is how I would Imagine the site (The video would be in javascript galery or smth.).


TinyPortal is a CMS that directly integrates with the forums


Yeah, It should be integrated with forums because it’s SMF Modification.

Can It be extended by plugins? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just found that there is a new version of SMF (2.0). Someone should update this forum, because its running on 1.1.11


2.0 is still pre-release, but 1.1.12 has recently been released so its probably worth upgrading to that. I also quite like this theme which probably won’t work with 2.0.


You guys are so awesome, thanks for all the help you’re giving us, hopefully we’ll have a respectable site where people can submit their speedruns, with and without console commands.


So, will you guys use CMS or HTML?

I would love to help with this!

I also quite like this theme which probably won't work with 2.0.
Yeah, you are right. This theme IS Awesome. For now you guys just could upgrade it to 1.1.12, and see if the Final version of 2.0 will suport this theme :D




Know whats better?

sv_accelerate 99999; sv_maxspeed 99999; sv_airaccelerate 99999; ent_fire player health 5000.

At least those command does not require sv_cheats ;D


sv_friction 0



Wow never heard of that…

Does it makes player walk like in Goo?

Would be awesome to abh :smiley:

Dont go off-topic, its about a website, not console commands!


Great to see the help we have offered for getting the site into a nice working order!

I’ve added an idea for what I always invisioned the main page of the site to look like, badly made on Paint of course. The only idea is the basic layout, I’m not exactly thinking plain black with orange boxes everywhere.

Let me know what you all think, I always wanted there to be a few runs directly displayed on the front page, though when we get more runs that might be a bit of a problem we’d have to confront, as we can’t be biased towards our personal awesome runs…


Nice one. I imagine something similar, a little bit improvements, some Javascript, etc.,

I will make a picture showing my version…

  • On the home page I would just put a list of the latest news (Pulled from the news board).
  • The runs page could split everything up into “official games” and “mods” with a very short description and including the run time, dates #runners etc) linking to a larger description page.
  • Runners can list all the people on the site who have participated in a run (and list what runs with links) as well as any current projects
  • Contact Us => Forums?


There’s my confusion, I know a run page would be most appropriate, without much in the way of images (See TASVideos on any popular console page for how long it takes to load due to the pictures), but I thinl it’d look really nice on the front page to have some runs you can immediately access.

Oops, forgot about a forum button. Definitely make that clear, we want people to come talk to us :D.


I have two upcoming test sites to show you. They will be done soon, If I will have time for it to finish!

But… They are both built in CMS, so I don’t think you will like it :frowning:


I look forward to seeing them :slight_smile: