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Oooh, at the top of the front page we could have a rotating banner showing the latest runs or something.


Dunno how I feel about rotating/moving things ._.

Maybe something like this could work? asd


By rotating I mean something like this:

Interview with col
Lol'd at this!
we could have a rotating banner showing the latest runs or something
I had an Idea like this, I will try to make one in CMS (If thats really possible).


I was going to throw up a test site to screw around with today but didn’t get the time. Ill try do it tomorrow.


Allright. I’ve finished one test page with Wordpress. I used WP-Slide, to make a slideshow in the main page. Didn’t spent too much time on it, I will be hopefully improving it.

I haven’t edited the sidebar at all, and I will definitely add additional pages.

Also, theres a lot of other transitions for the slider, and when you click on the image, you can make the page redirection.

WordPress inegration with SMF is possible, but It needs the site to be in a same domain etc.

Well, when I will update it I will notify you guys!

Stuff To Do:
Update Sidebar
Edit SlideShow
Change Main Block color to grey (like in the forums)
Add/Edit Pages


Hey, I really like this, please continue, and ignore what I said on Steam, I was just hesitant at first :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and don’t forget this run
this run:
and this run:

with the scrolling images :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the Ep1 run was 35:31


I will do that tomorrow.

And yeah, sorry for mistaking a time for ep1 run!

Heres some settings for the current slide plugin, which could be changed:
Transition Effect:




Transition Delay (8 seconds is current delay)

And the Image width/height stuff… (600x200 is current dimensions)

I will probably change the slide plugin, because it doesn’t have buttons for the previous and next slides, which would be useful (already found one which has that feature and a lot more ^_^).


Alright, test forum installed:

EDIT: Ah, just saw your link above, if we do end up using WordPress separate from the forums we should at least have them using the same style/theme which is why TinyPortal would be better - a lot less work. Also the WordPress bridge only integrates user accounts whereas TinyPortal has full integration (latest posts, forum stats, PM’s login/out etc)

EDIT EDIT: Got the banner image working, I’ll look into an easier way to upload images (Currently its all plain ol’ HTML)

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Turns out TinyPortal has a basic image uploader, also made an awesome template for all the header images.


I like Cameron’s the most because it matches the forums.


I’m also thinking of putting the links to the main pages (Home, forums, runs, about, etc.) up the top right next to the logo and moving the forum related links (Search, profile, messages, etc.) To the left of the search box (Where the news text currently is, seeing as though isn’t really used).



Wow ,that one really looks good!

I vote for Cameron’s one (YES), because its cool-looking, and matches the forum stuff.

I’m gonna stop working on my test page, but if you really wanna look how it could look, I can finish it :slight_smile:


I vote yes.


I’d recommend to make previous/next buttons for the slider. I’ve updated the wordpress slide plugin, so now it works perfect. Also, I used Cameron’s slide pictures - I was too lazy to make my own :smiley:

EDIT: Moved the slider to the header. I like it!
EDIT2: Updated the whole page. I will try to make a final version :slight_smile:
EDIT3: Does someone knows how to change a color for that white content box? My eyes hurts when Im watching to that >.<

.post {
	position: relative;
#content-bottom {
	width: 980px;
	height: 20px;
	margin: 0 auto;
	background: transparent url(img/bg-content-top.png) no-repeat left bottom;
	z-index: 2;

#content-bottom {
	background: transparent url(img/bg-content-bottom.png) repeat-y left top;

#content {
	margin: 0 40px;
	background: transparent url(img/bg-content.gif) repeat-y 600px 0px;
	z-index: 3;

Any Ideas what to add/change?

This is not the full CSS code, those are only the lines I think they need to be changed.


Is it just me that loved eXeC’s site? Cameron, yours is nice and all, but eXeC’s looked really awesome to me :smiley:


Maybe we should poll it. I prefer… exec’s personally. :slight_smile:


I vote for Cameron’s


I love both sites, guys, but I do have some thoughts about them.

Cameron, I think yours seems really cluttered, and while I like that it stays with the forum theme, I think it’s a bit too much like the forum. I think the forum and site should be quite separate. The website should be the priority, and its own entity. The forum should be totally separate, though a similar colour scheme and theme is quite nice.

eXeC, I think yours looks a bit much like a blog, which is closer to what I think we want, but still, it needs to be more of a statement of what we have, rather than constantly updating what we’ve produced, if that makes any sense at all? Also, I think the SourceRuns banner doesn’t really fit with the background. I know that’s not an essential change right now, as we’re just working on layout stuff, but for future reference :slight_smile:

Anyone, feel free to disagree with me, just stating my opinion :slight_smile: <3


What can I say? Great minds think alike.


I will do some improvements, but I need ideas/tips… Would you like to contact me on Steam or PM, so we can talk about it?