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Name the price, and I’ll have Josh pay it.


For every dollar in that price, I’ll do a Maths problem for my degree.


At least give us a progress bar D:

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Damn procrastination and moving house silly excuses.


A few months back Cameron said he was uploading all the site stuff. I spent the whole night refreshing every few minutes to see what it’d look like.

I died that day.


Is dying possible for something that doesn’t exist?








I’ve noticed a few aspects of the site have become largely outdated and I’d like to share a few friendly ideas/suggestions I’ve come up with recently to do with improving the site as well as hopefully get a discussion going as to what others think.

Regarding the outdated stuff. The ‘News’ section isn’t updated regularly enough if you ask me. Quite a few events/happenings aren’t getting the promotion & support that coverage from the site could provide. The last non-site related news post was back in July 2014 for ESA. Since then two events I can think of off of the top of my head that could’ve done with being supported are AGDQ 2015 featuring a bunch of runners here and the recent FinnRuns marathon where Inffi & Elgu ran Half-Life games. There’s also the little News link under the Search button which displays only two announcements from 2010 and 2013.

An idea for fixing this might be to appoint a writer for each game that is actively involved with both the SR community as well as their own to keep the site up to date with happenings from behind the scenes. Maybe turning the ‘News’ area into some sort of “blog” as such that shows development & progress could be something to consider also just to be more open to fans of the site and it’s projects. SourceCast seemed to be a good way of doing this but nothing has happened since the post that D4rw1N made last year. Obviously that’s understandable since people are busy and what not, so an alternative like the one suggested might be something to consider.

Then there’s the Wiki which requires a lot of work. IMO the main focus right now should be to go through all the current articles and make sure they are up to date before starting anything new. This especially goes for the articles providing guidelines with certain games; I’m seeing/hearing about a lot of newbies getting really confused when they read and follow something that’s written on the Wiki and then find out later that the info they’ve read is wrong which proves very off-putting and generally harms the growth of the community.

Gathering some volunteers here could prove really useful even if it’s not the most knowledgeable people that do the writing. They could always ask others for explanations and as long as they understand what’s being said they should be good to go. It might also be an idea to dedicate a topic or board solely to improving the Wiki, i.e discussing the information that’s currently on there before actually making any edits that could otherwise prove detrimental; this way you might also be able to give newer members a sense of contribution and give them a chance to pick the brains of the experts.

Lastly, with the recent addition of speedrun submissions there could probably be more specifics related to each individual game. It boils down to what the goal of SourceRuns as a channel actually is though. By that I mean, is the goal just 100% entertainment-focused and no game-specific rules & regulations are intended, or is there going to be some level of expectation when it comes to how exactly the games are being played? I don’t want to rant about rules & standards but I guess what I’m trying to say is will there be a line drawn as to what is accepted in terms of modding, categories, tool usage etc and should there be rules created to allow for some sort of competitive fairness/comparison?

It seems like people here are put off by the idea of having strictness when it comes to rules/competition and care more about what looks good which again is fine, but that will lead to communities looking elsewhere to cater to their more competitive needs. It’s kind of already happening with the leaderboards having no real connection to the site and communities agreeing on rules via group chats and then not really being able to announce those anywhere relevant to the public. I’ll admit, I’ve even considered a new site dedicated to HL/GMC running just to serve that purpose for the part of the community I’m in, but it’s a lot of hassle and extra work for something that might be possible through this site which is already well established within the speedrunning community.



I think the blog style news section is a great idea, spreading the word of new WRs, events and community members who attend them, new runs, etc. I normally get my WR/ event info from or /r/speedrun and sometimes /srg/ threads, but I had no idea Elgu was running the other day until Jukspa said something about it during his stream. Also, the only reason Rama’s Canals 11 skip got lots of attention was because it was put on reddit, It’s a major find, I don’t see why that can’t be turned into an article and put on the news section. What about a page that shows who is streaming that is a part of the Twitch Sourceruns group, that’d be cool. Some really good ideas here, PJC.


I really like the idea of blog-style updates. I was surprised when I didn’t see any mention of AGDQ, even though there was a big source block with 5 games and 6 runners. We could have even made a post-AGDQ “blog post” where we could have summarized the source block and quickly wrote down what times were achieved and who won the Portal race, stuff like that.

As for SourceCast, Gocnak brought up the idea to bring it back, but not only with traditional speedrunners but also with BHoppers and Surfers and discuss the upcoming standalone Surf client and what not. Afterall it is kind of relevant since Surf and BHop are also speedruns in a sense.

I have no idea about the wiki since I don’t know which articles are outdated and which are not. But I know that the leader boards are really outdated. I think Tryedz Half-Life WR was single segment, beating coolkid by almost 2 minutes. My memory could be wonky though. I also think that we should include an RTA section. Seeing that 13:09 is the fastest Portal time (even though this is the only real WR and we all know it!!!) and that 2:16:54 is the fastest Half-Life 2 time is kind of weird, at least for the non-segmented runs. The only problem I have with this is that it could turn this part of the wiki into some kind of leaderboard site (like and I am not sure if we want that.

I also think that there should be one site in the wiki where the rules for each game are listed. This should include different categories. I keep hearing people say “Is this glitch allowed in Legacy Inbounds?” (now please stop saying it isn’t a relevant category. I am sick of those elitist jokes because I think that different categories [arbitrary or not] can be fun!). That way people would have one page where they want to go to learn everything about their game and the category that they want to run.

I also think that flying cows would be hilarious, but that’s a story for another time.


I think we should scrap the idea of having RTA/SS runs listed on the wiki and instead just link to the existing leaderboards. The records can change very fast so it would take quite a bit of effort to keep track of them.


Yeah, I agree with you.


That also works.


I wouldn’t mind bringing SourceCast back, we’d just need to appoint someone to actually host and edit it, since the original group of people who ran it are spread out and/or unavailable all the time. Also, we’re going to be implementing a lot of things being mentioned here, so if you have any input, I would recommend sharing it now.


I don’t think it’s necessary to have a full blown leaderboard for each game since we’ve already got the boards for that and we can just link to those. However, I do think it would be nice to keep an archive of all the world records in the established categories of each game, just as some sort of “timeline” so people can look back at the game’s history and how times have changed.

In addition to that, I previously discussed an idea with exec about introducing individual “hubs” for each game on the site. These would have a basic layout that contain links to a rules/guidelines page, leaderboards, player profiles (that aren’t copied from Quake :wink: ) etc.

Totally agree here. I also think the rules could be discussed better and generally be more specific. There seems to be way too many grey areas for some games.

By the way, what’s the general opinion on the GoldSource board? Is it maybe a bit unfair that Source has 7 dedicated boards for different games and the entire GoldSource is packed into one? I’m not too sure if it’s necessary, but I’m thinking at least a board for Half-Life (and expansions or should they have their own?) and Gunman Chronicles since that’s starting to get more popular and will be included in the new client me and YaLTeR have been working on. It’s glitches/tricks have also made it quite a bit different compared to Half-Life now also (for example you’re flying for pretty much half of the game at least).


I’m liking all the ideas on blog updates and stuff. In fact pretty much all the suggestions seem like really good ideas.

On a slight sidenote, since the topic of improving the site came up, I randomly remembered a weird forum bug and decided to make a proper report this time instead of calling the forum broken but not explaining why. ::slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m an idiot sometimes so instead of an actual video I made the worst GIF in history. Look at those amazing visual artifacts and framerate changes. :-[ Welp, here it is anyway:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Type a line of text.
  2. Start a second line of text.
  3. Go to the beginning of the second line and press backspace to merge the line.
  4. The font goes all funny like this.

Complete guess as to cause:
The default font size looks like it could be 9, whereas the menu only provides 8 and 10, so I think under certain circumstances it freaks out and forces it to one of the menu options.

Oh and this also sometimes happens when inserting a smiley immediately before some text (happened while I was making this post)

Hopefully this can be fixed because it is just *slightly *irritating sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I did also wonder about migrating to some form of more modern forum software like Discourse, but I dunno how much hassle a migration would be…