Opposing Force 19:23




That’s not true. Mine is!


I’m sorry, but no one here has a voice comparable to col’s.


I’m a speedrunner, no speaker. So don’t expect to much ;>


Oh, a formidable opponent. Okay gents, you decide

Exec: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54KemfLhGGU
CooL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWbz5HLZ1l8
You people choose.

Sorry quad :c


Exec: I like US of A, is very nice!
CooL: I like the monster truck rally, and shootin’ raccoons.
Inex: Pip pip cheerio!


Since the youtube fuckers never converted the run to 720p, or even gave it a thumbnail picture. I uploaded the run to own3d.tv as well. So if someone wants to watch HD stream, here you go:

And thanks to droogie for telling me about this


I prefer Exe over CooL. Not only because of his accent, but I’m not really crazy of col’s voice.

I disappoint you?


Yeah, it’s okay. Your face annoys me.

(not really, I’m just hurt ;_:wink:
(not really again, I don’t mind, that wasn’t even my real voice)

Can’t you change the thumbnail yourself?


No, all the images are blank.


On another note, how did you render that video on own3d? That’s seriously the best quality I’ve ever seen.


It’s the same file as in the first post.
60fps fraps recording. Uncompressed avi in Sony vegas. Then I used anri-chan to encode the X264 mp4 container.


You haven’t seen Mission Improbable 1080p @ 60fps, didn’t you?

Anyway, I don’t really care whose voice is sexier, I just wanted to start some flame war in this forum :smiley:


Today I finally got around to finish the commentary. Will be uploaded asap.


Processing takes long


I can’t take this much longer.


Anyone else refreshing this every few mins?




Sorry guys, maybe I should have waited a bit before posting. Its like an hour left to upload…

But its nice to see some interest! :>


Good, finally an ETA. I want to watch this before I go to bed :smiley: