Opposing Force 19:23




I’m going to bed. You guys enjoy :frowning:


Definitely worth the wait! Gonna sleep now!


omg, when you were talking about a commentary I thougt it would be something like SW did on half hour half-life, just talking over the video, but it was definately better than that :smiley:
All those pauses, slow-mo, fast-forward, and even thrid-party programs to show the designs of the maps, it was better than I expected, GOOD JOB!
Also thx for mentioning me at beginning, and I was part of the people who told you “hey, this map is slower than spider-waffle” so I was super happy when hearing those parts, thx


Extremely interesting and well-made commentary. It had a perfect pace to it, where you slow down the complex parts and speed up the straight-forward ones. It was neither too long nor too short.

I like how you included SW’s run as an overlay for reference, and I like even more how you show certain segments or tricks done “for real”, eg the infinite ammo trick and the outside part with the helicopter. You even included footage from the map editor, which I thought was incredibly nice! Some people might say you could have just explained that monsters couldn’t open that particular door, but actually showing the editor allows the viewer to see how much thought and time you put into finding every single detail exploitable - That you actually look at each map in the editor to see what you can’t necessarily see if only playing through the game. Same with the shots of the triggers and whatnot.

This commentary was way beyond my expectations, not because I thought it wouldn’t be good, but because it was so well thought-out and edited. Despite slowing down, speeding up and even freezing the frame or looping an instance, you kept a very nice flow throughout the video. One neat little detail is how after you’ve shown SW’s run next to yours, you let us watch the same part again solely from your perspective, since the first time we were distracted by SW. I was just about to rewind the video a bit myself to focus on your part when you did it in the video.

Overall I’d give the commentary a 9.5/10. 10/10 if I hadn’t noticed the mumble overlay when you were explaining the infinite ammo glitch at 10:15. 8)


THIS is a good commentary with perfect explanations. Good work :slight_smile:


I entirely agree with igge.

This is just a high quality explanation video.
Pleasure to watch, good use of resources like the ME, Playbackspeed, etc.


Thank you guys. Especially igge for such a wide response, cheers!


Great stuff on the video and the speedrun. More of both in the future make me erect!


Amazing commentary, quad! I knew most of the tricks, but it still was interesting to watch the all thing. That displacer thing was pretty awesome. Loved the outtakes! :smiley:

Also, small Bonus vid from me:


That was great!
Good job!


I love the passion you put towards your work, Quad. :slight_smile: Great commentary.


I loved your run and commentary so very much, even though I know nothing about Half Life.

Like the way you’re saying “it got huuuuuge potential” and “quadrazid OUT”.


Comments appreciated :>

Speaking of the speaking, what did you English-speaking people think about the speaking?


It was brilliant! Loved the way you were saying leters like J. Yump here, yump there :smiley:

It’s almost the same as I would say in Lithuanian.


I agree with eXeC :slight_smile:


I wish I spoke English. :frowning:


English was fine mate, easily understandable at all points imo :slight_smile:


As a non-native speaker, I tend to have more difficulty understanding English shit.

I didn’t.


I personally, can speak and understabd English clearly and sometimes people are like “Are you American?” and I’m like -.- NO