Opposing Force 19:23


quadrazid proudly presents…

Half-Life Opposing Force in 19:23

1280x720 60fps X264, 776MB

428x240 30fps X264, 84MB

own3d.tv HD stream, 720p

Planning sheet
Time table

NEW Video commentary

This speedrun is using a large amount of segments and scripts, as well as some extreme quicksave glitches. If you do not enjoy this kind of speedrun please don’t whine, maybe you like my scriptless single-segment run better.

I started to plan out this run in November 2011. Finding new tricks and plan out health and ammo. Recorded first demo February 2nd 2012, and last demo was completed March 4th.
It’s in total 107 segments on hard difficulty. Breaking Spider-Waffles old record with 94 segments by 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Thanks to:
Spider-Waffle for the old Opposing Force record.
crashfortress making one segment and fixed v_models.
coolkid for uploading.


  • Welcome to Black Mesa - 3:42
  • We Are Pulling Out - 3:08
  • Missing in Action - 1:58
  • Friendly Fire - 2:18
  • We Are Not Alone - 0:20
  • Crush Depth - 2:21
  • Vicarious Reality - 0:40
  • Pit Worm’s Nest - 0:26
  • Foxtrot Uniform - 1:07
  • “The Package” - 0:51
  • Worlds Collide - 2:28

I hope you enjoy!


bind v "pause1;stop;load savedfile.sav"
bind e "sensitivity 0;pause;w10;stop;bind mouse2 start"

alias pause1 "host_framerate 0.0000001;sensitivity 0;bind mouse2 start"
alias pause0 "host_framerate 0;sensitivity 2.5;bind mouse2 +attack2"
alias start "pause;w;host_framerate 0;demorecord;w3;pause;sensitivity 2.5;bind mouse2 +attack2"
alias dem1 "echo Recording_demo1;alias demorecord dem2;record demo1"
alias dem2 "echo Recording_demo2;alias demorecord dem3;record demo2"
alias dem3 "echo Recording_demo3;alias demorecord dem1;record demo3"
alias demorecord dem1[/code]
[code]//bhop loop
alias +bh1 "fps_max 83.3333333333;alias name bhop;bhop"
alias -bh1 "fps_max 100;alias name"
alias bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;cmd name"
bind space +bh1
//sX amount depending on fps
alias s1 "+jump;cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;w;+attack;alias as s2;cmd name"
alias s2 "-jump;scr_ofsz 0;-attack;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;alias as s3;cmd name"
alias s3 "+jump;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999;alias as s4;cmd name"
alias s4 "-jump;alias as s5;cmd name"
alias s5 "+jump;alias as s6;cmd name"
alias s6 "-jump;alias as s7;cmd name"
alias s7 "+jump;alias as s8;cmd name"
alias s8 "-jump;scr_ofsz 1000000;alias as s1;cmd name"
alias +autoboost "alias name as;s1"
alias -autoboost "alias name;scr_ofsz 0;-jump;-attack;w;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;w;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999"
bind mouse2 +autoboost
alias obbo2000 "+use;w11;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1500 "+use;w10;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1300 "+use;w9;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo1000 "+use;w8;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo800 "+use;w7;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo600 "+use;w6;-use;+jump;w;-jump"
alias obbo500 "+use;w5;-use;+jump;w;-jump"

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Awesome! Cant wait to watch it. Too bad rayvex didnt took a part in this run :frowning:


Dear god. Loved it <3





That was such an amazing run! I didn’t even finish my popcorn!


Go download, gogogo! 2h30m left.


If forums had Retweet, I’d retweet this.

Audio Commentaries?


I thought about audio commentary. But I’d have to set 50% playback speed or something. It’s much stuff, and some that’s really hard to explain.


Could also do it the way DemonStrate did with Portal Done Pro or partially like that, but that might be bitch.


You could just pause the video before the trick, explain what you’re about to do, play again and show it in real-time, rewind, show it again in slowmo. It’d just require a couple of binds for the demo playback.

Anyway, sick run. Do you still want me to post it on fragbite? I could post it on reddit as well if you haven’t already.


Someone posted it to r/gaming, it wasn’t upvoted. I posted it to r/halflife and it was spamfliter’d :frowning:

Also seed that torrent, I’m stuck at 57% with no seeds.


Awesome!! I just checked out the speedrun and I was so impressed :smiley:


I have 1 question, how the hell did you do that on your speedrun @ 7:27?


My guess is that he saves repeatedly, but I’m not sure.


He explained it to me, it’s an awesome trick, I’ll try to make it simple. When an NPC dies, he drops his weapon/ammo immediatly, while starting his death animation. During the time of his death animation, he is still considered a solid object, and a living npc by the game, this is why they still block your path, you can stand on them and you can’t blow up the body (this has been used by rofi in crowbar run, the controller was in this state when he sent it in the teleporter) If you save during his death animation, then you load your save, he will start it over, dropping the weapon/ammo again. This tricks makes infinite ammo possible using one single npc that drops it. There is no limit to the amount of times it can be done for every npc since he starts over the animation each time. I hope I made it clear.


That is actually a really cool exploit


yeah I know, even more in op4 since the m249 ammo is super important (in a speedrun). The only use to this in normal hl would be the ARgrenades…
Too bad no ennemies drop gauss, crossbow or magnum…




Reminds me of the time I found a similar glitch on scoutzknivez in 1.6 - a map where you only get 10 bullets from the beginning and nothing more. What I found was that if you start recording you’ll be given a new scout, so if you bind a button to “stop;record asd” you could instantly get a fresh one as many times as you’d like.