Opposing Force 19:23


That was me who posted it. Since it got no attention from r/gaming, I can delete it so you can post it in r/halflife.


post it in r/TAS as well


Good point, we don’t want those 10 people who read that page to feel left out.


Those 10 people are the ones who actually care.


Fuck the torrent, I know at least 7 people got 100%, but no one kept seeding. The FTP links should be working now anyway.

Or simply bind a key to “fullupdate” :>
It works on awp_india and a few more as well. Depends on how the mapper made the equipment spawn.

And please post on fragbite as well. Usually some interested guys over there, and ofc some douches.

I still have the uncompressed avi, so it should be fairly easy to edit some and record commentary directly in sony vegas. Might do tonight.


Whoa! impressive speedrun, compliments :smiley:


Oh boy. I’m downloading the 60 fps version as soon as I get home.


@ 1:29 in the speedrun, is that a duck loop script?


Amazing run.
Spider-waffle’s run kicked ass. Quadrazid’s one roundhouse-kicked ass !!!
Will seed the torrent as long as I can.


What happened at the Dam? You’re firing the gattling gun but it shows the sniper.


Fabrizio: Thanks.

Arvin: Yes. It is.

doxily: I’m glad you enjoyed. Thanks a lot, for seeding it as well.

S: It’s a bug that happens sometimes when switching to a weapon that not exists (in this case, the machine gun, but it had no ammo (yet)) and then picking up a weapon.

I think I’ll have the commentary done tomorrow, it was more work than I expected. I’m not used to speak that much english either.


Doesn’t work for me anyway… (using duckloop for the stairs)




Doesn’t matter anyway…




Yes sir, it will come. But I got a pretty bad cold so it may take a few more days.
Its not very fun to say N with your nose shut :<


I don’t know if that’ll change anything, but I’m looking forward for the commentary too =D


You could always write it down, then have someone else voice it. Someone with an undoubtable sexy voice. ;D


While your voice undeniably is one of the sexiest I’ve ever laid ears on, I still want me some Swedish accent.


Oh, I didn’t actually want to do it, I just wanted to remind everybody that I have the sexiest voice on this forum.