Jump maps & other runs

Sure, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XdUT7Thge8 :smiley:

The time would have been 31.16 if I it wasn’t for that embarrassing misstake at the end, but I think it proves enough of a point as is.

Good stuff, keep 'em coming :smiley:

I still don’t consider my run beaten though.
-It’s not made in ag (not sure if there is any differences in physics, but at least hud speedos ect.)
-Start save
-Fastwalk movement script up the stair (assuming it starts from the save already so its consistent all the way up every time)
-Autojump feature(?)

That said, the 2nd room is very impressive. I just wish you aimed for countjump in the 3rd room to save another .4s.

-I’m pretty sure ag doesen’t differ from bunnymod pro in physics. And sure the potential use of a speedometer might help in bunnymod, but this didn’t stop you from claiming hl21 to be the Half-Life WR when SW and the runs before that didn’t use the mod.

-Yes, a start save was used for consistency and convenience. I could’ve just as well used the spawnpoint, it’s just that this requires a tedious walk each attempt.

-I deem a fastwalk script that alternates moveleft and moveright to be just as shady as a script that spams duck at fixed intervals, or a script that spams jump every frame. Again, hl21 used scripts that never was used in the previous speedruns.

-Yes, +tas_autojump was used, as it was voted a legit alternative to a jumpspam script here on the forums. Although it doesn’t matter with consistent 250fps, it does give a higher success rate of gaining speed from the slope. So I guess this point is substantial enough for me to sort of agree with you.

Runs evolve however, and to say that we have to stick to the same scripts etc. used in a specific run doesn’t really work in my opinion.

All that being said, I might make a run using your guidelines and perhaps try and make that countjump while I’m at it. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the hl21 comparison works in this case. My points were coming from the perspective of ag and its norms. Look back as a ag player and I think you agree. It’s an ag map afterall.

I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the matter then. I’ve never played AG, but after some research there doesen’t seem to be any mention of a duckspam script being part of any norm. Even less so a +duck;w8;-duck;w; repeating one that was specifically made to work well on the stairs in agtricks, which is what you used in your run.

destructo_hops done in 01:11


Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1O65pK-C6qYNmxDZDJhZDhlUkU/edit?usp=sharing

bunnyrace_beta2 Co-op WR

agtricks 32.66

I wanted to break the record, but this is about as good as I can do.

Pretty cool jumps on second stage, well done :>

hl_trick - 19.34

bhop_handulz - 19s

bhop_iceberg - 15s


surf_zelda 49.86

sadf: good job on that run, could you please explain what did you do on start to get that boost?

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i should probably try some maps too, but i sucked horribly at any surf/bhop maps c:

It’s just damage boosting. When you walk under the block it deals -10000 damage and makes you fly away at max speed.

Accel-jumps on bhop.bsp

Mostly an editing test but i put alot of time into the demos as well. In the last run I reach 600 ups in roughly 0.95 sec (counting from the first jump and not from 0ups on-ground, because of the maps distance-per-jump nature).

e1m1 in 16s:

Might as well post a TAS I made of bhop_space here

I’ve created a new map that I’d like to share. The map is quite special so I want you to post the demo/time only of your first attempt. Call it a blind race if you want. Have fun : >


I like it, but my head hurts.

Very cool, reminds me of the skariz_brainhard maps from 1.6.