Jump maps & other runs

bunnyrace_beta2 in 20.80:
Sorry for the css run at the end, couldn´t help myself doing a run of the bunnyrace port 8)

Fantastic job on beating the record!

Thanks mate ^^

agtricks in 32.31 @ 250 fps


I will improve this sometime in the future.

Several maps (agtricks is done with AG settings the rest are sv_maxspeed 320). All are done with fps_max 250.


Map Times:
agtricks - 32.10
bhop_corrida - 19s
bhop_terrainhop - 11.2
bhop_runners - 13s
zink_nukk_bhop - 13.2
fox_bhopspeed - 17s
hop_kill - 22.71
bhop_blocks - 15s
hop_tunnels - 16.61
dmnt_cys_fastbhop_h - 10s
Bhop (4096) - 6.40
ksz_bhop_ez - 14.4
abb_bhop_and_260 - 11s
theprodigy_2012_final - 3.2
hop_aztec - 9.27
kzm_fallbhops - 10s
mt_monsterbhop - 21.3
hl_bhop1 - 30s
mrcn_fallbhop - 3.2

Unedited Version: [Coming Later]

That’s a really nice video!

100aa bunnyrace_beta2 tas (13:534)


Hey, that’s cool, could you upload a demo?

that performed with 1000 fps


I do not know if it works on nghl, but it works with HL Tas Mod 1.4

font=comic sans ms google translate


New HL jump map created by Nida.

Should be available on the SR AGKZ server soon, please test and post any feedback here or send it directly to me and I’ll pass it on.