Jump maps & other runs


A thread where you can post your runs/updates of Half-Life jump maps (or kz_ maps for CS done in Half-Life ::))

Some of the maps you can try:



An idea regarding this topic for YaLTeR or some other good programmer: Create a start/stop timer trigger to place at the beginning and the end of the maps. Fastest personal time could be displayed on the hud and in the name of the recorded demos, exactly like in Quake 3 DeFRaG. I find myself spending more time timing the runs than actually running them. :smiley:

A way to convert q3 .pk3 files to half-life bsp files would be awesome as well, since the DeFRaG mapping community is very alive and make really good maps. (although they’re made for q3 vq3/cpm physics, some could work)

Not sure if any of this would be possible from a programming point of view though.


I agree, don’t know if anyone is willing to make it happen, but having a HL mod equivalent to Defrag would be a great idea. Perhaps even a rankings system could be created to display the world best times for each map.


I got a question from DraiKu asking if bunnyrace_beta2 is meant to be ran on maxspeed 300 or 320. Since it’s not an Adrenaline Gamer map, you should run this on sv_maxspeed 320 setting.

I’m not so sure how this can affect the time though, it might only affect the acceljump speed, but since the time before the countdown ends is not being counted on the final run time, I guess it’s just all about getting a good pos/exit speed, UNLESS sv_maxspeed 320 somehow adds more speed than 300 while bunnyjumping during the run.


bunnyrace_beta2 (WITHOUT SC) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUmdlMDJ3uo
bunnyrace_beta2 (WITH SC) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdCnh7A18Xg
kz_cg_venice on hl1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Zqir6eThs


Bunnyrace_Beta2 - 33.475 (w/o skips)

Went through the first 5 of my oldest demos of this map to upload a time faster than blasdfas recently uploaded. Once I was done rendering the clip and uploaded it I noticed that quadrazid put up a time of 33,25. :frowning: Oh well, glad that I even can be close to these legends after only playing for a couple weeks. And besides, I have about 20 other potentially fast demos on my hdd to go through.

Edit: exec, me and everyone else I know that runs this use sv_maxspeed 300.


You can convert pk3 to WADs fairly easily I think, but not bsps. I wonder how the quake levels (like e1m1) were ported to Half Life. Or were they remade from scratch?

Anyway, I’ll just chuck a run onto the pile: bhmod_space


320 or ban


Does destructo_hops count as an AG map or not? (I’m assuming it doesn’t because there’s no ag prefix)


Of course it does. More maxspeed means more air acceleration.


I thought that maxspeed only affected your maximum amount of UPS while moving forward, isn’t air acceleration only altered through sv_airaccelerate?


That maximum amount of UPS while moving forward stands in the same line with sv_airaccelerate or sv_accelerate. It is basically a multiplication, so if you increase your maxspeed twice, it’ll be the same (in the (air)acceleration-processing code at least) as if you increased your sv_airaccelerate twice.


Oh ok. This explains why you can’t airstrafe as much in Counter-Strike even when airaccel is set to 10.


bunnyrace_beta2 33.25

I remember spider-waffle tried out different corners to check the maximum speed possible. However he changed the initial speed with sv_maxspeed and kept it changed throughout the turn. The results didn’t come out very accurate : >


You were supposed to mail me this footage. ban


Haha, do you have a demo of that or potato recording only?


Pretty sure its a frying pan. cheat.


that was hot. I see you managed to get the beginning climb working :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the quake maps e1m1 and e4m3.
e1m1 also got a 100% function, kill all enemies and find all secrets.


How *do *you do that?