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A custom script I wrote which combines the concept of the duckroll script with the function of the doubleduck script (in other words it’s a custom duckroll script).

I don’t know the exact script that quad used, however I think he climbed the stairs faster than me by being able to strafe into the stairs whilst climbing them, whereas I could only move forwards.

Here’s the script I wrote:

//doubleduck spam alias +dd "-duck;wait;+duck;wait;-duck;wait;+duck" alias -dd -duck alias +ddspam "fps_max 250;alias _special ddspam;ddspam" alias -ddspam "fps_max 250;alias _special" alias ddspam "+dd;w10;-dd;w10;special"

Then of course just bind +ddspam

Take note that I’m running on NGHL at 250fps, so you may need to alter the amount of waits depending on whether you run at a different frame rate or not.

Also take note that this didn’t work consistently for me, the majority of the time I could reach halfway up the stairs, but then slow down significantly, I don’t know whether this has anything to do with frame dropping or not but I only managed to record two attempts where I climbed up the stairs at full speed throughout.

Quadrazid strafed before climbing, while you ran straight to the stairs. His initial speed was 396 before dropping to 300 after two steps. He did not strafe while climbing.

Also, you’ll always lose speed when dduck off the ground. It wasn’t clear in the video whether you pressed forward to try maintaining the speed at 300 while climbing, which is what quadrazid did.

e1m1 (without enemies) - 20.98: http://youtu.be/DJxC1dAAgUc
e1m1 (with enemies) - 21.82: http://youtu.be/80f8NVFkvR4

Rotating Gordon FTW.

Bunnyrace_Beta2 - 33.108 w/o skips:

Quadface FTW.

Grats for top time. Nice final fall, the hardest part. And could there be any better ending? No.

Thanks! Agreed, the ending is what makes the run complete.

This was done with sv_maxspeed 320 btw, and not 300 like my prior runs on this map.

hahahahhaha the ending…

that is clever, makes the run twice as good. :slight_smile:

bunnyrace_beta2 in 32.19 (skipless) by blasdfa

e1m1 in 21.14

are there more quake maps for half-life other than e1m1 and e4m3?

Not that I’m aware of, but they’re easy enough to convert (or so I’ve heard).

e4m3 33.08

I would like to point out something. In bunnyrace_beta2, right after the glass doors, there is a mapping error. The alternating black and yellow bit, is one unit higher than the part the glass door is placed on. It messed up my run. I’ll provide a picture when I get around to it.

Bunnyrace_Beta2 in 32.08:

Crashfort doesn’t post on SourceRuns so I thought I’d post this here, he sent me this last night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTsKFdpYWJ0

kz_cg_venice in 40 seconds

bunnyrace_beta2 in 29.15

zjumps in 26.45:

oh hello Jesus, I see your making videos now.
My god the video looks like nutella, amazing


Bunnyrace_Beta2 in 21.02:

Bunnyrace_Beta2 in 31.45 w/o skips:

Probably the last time I run this map in a while. :smiley: