Jump maps & other runs

does anyone know how to get the bunnyrace map in SP?

A tas of this would be very interesting

open console and type: map bunnyrace_beta2

This is why I asked

This happens for me too when loading with deathmatch 0, just noclip in to the map again if you need to play in SP mode.

Could (and looking forward to see it) be improved.

I love this map, I’d recommend it to newfriends any day.

Never seen that map before, will have to give it a go.

Whats your hud_speedometer_pos set to?

hud_speedometer_pos “-20 400”

It’s perfectly centered below my crosshair on my monitor’s native 1600x900 resolution, thought.

bunnyrace_beta2 - 21.19 - shakymouse% - no skip

sv_maxvelocity 5000
sv_airaccelerate 100

c1a0 in 12.90, along with 63 other runs of the same map.

Awesome… and trippy.

Watched and oogled in glorious 4k.

If someone has the time, watching HL21 like that would be awesome.

I might be able to squirt out a 4k 30fps version without DoF or motion blur if the demos were to be released.

I recently found this part of the forums. I’m not sure if people still use it so I guess this is a test of who’s still here.

Bhop (4096 Units) - 6.57s

Takyon said that he got 6.34 and could probably get 6.2x. This was the best time I could get.

EDIT: Also, this was done with fps_max 250.

This thread should be used more often.

Bhop_Beaches - 6s

Agtricks - 35.72

5 seconds is possible on Bhop_Beaches and several seconds can be saved an Agtricks; I just haven’t yet the skill to do that.

Pretty solid agtricks run! Just a few improvements can be made in the first and last rooms.

Great work.

Thank you. I’ve been using Quadrazid’s 32.67 run as a reference, and I’ve tried to use the that to see what I can improve on.

I will improve in the future.

More bhop map runs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVc2NMlywLI

bhop_small_mainhunt - 15s

bhop_rabiga - 10.5s

go_fastrun - 10s

lokz_bhopprimo - 10s

bhop_jumpers - 2s

hop_training - 29.62s

hop_rocky - 12.43s

All of these can (most likely) be improved. hop_training and bhop_jumpers were done with sv_maxspeed 320; the rest were done with sv_maxspeed 300. Some of them were also done with fps_max 333.33, but I don’t remember which ones those were. Two of the maps in the video (bhop_ramp & bhop_continuous) were just random bhopping clips.

hop_training was timed from the first teleport to the one at the end of the last course. hop_rocky was timed from the frame that I started accelerating to the frame where I go through the last barrier.

bhop_beach in 5s

bhop_jumpers in 0s

Hahaha. Wow.