Jump maps & other runs

Bhop 4096 in 6.79

This isnt a WR but its my PB, aswell as a editing test

surf_old_village 39.23s

Played with fps_max 125 and sv_airaccelerate 100

Really smooth, I like it!

I’d love to see more surf videos posted here, whether source or Gold source.

surf_ut0pia 36.53

Enjoyed making the previous video, so I decided to make another one. I wasted a couple hours playing this map last night and this was the best time I was able to get.

bunnyrace_beta2 in 15.34 using host_framerate .001 and sv_airaccelerate 100
this is a segmented run for your entertainment

bhop datacore a9 in 38.48 sorry about the double post

Looks like you could’ve saved some time by not trying to jump on every block. Other than that, nice run!

ya, I didnt have enough speed(or to much) to skip some blocks, the map was made for AA100 but I made it on AA10.

surf_desert_cave_ez 53.14

surf_snowy 16.58

Not that much surfing going on in this map, but I had a lot of fun playing it.

A “freestyle” TAS on Bounce I’ve been working on for a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOKnGD87i2E

That was really cool, Takyon.

Did kinda shitty bunnyrace_beta2 backwards. Didn’t really worried about time, just seemed fun to do. Actually, I would love to see it done by someone who is better than me.

E: Thanks quad.

Wow, that wasn’t bad at all, that’s pretty difficult. Good job!


Bunnyrace_Beta2 in 30.88 w/o skips:

kz_levelup Created by Maverick, inspired by the NES: Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll.
Recommended kreedz map that actually is made and suited for HL. So some jumps is very challenging compared to the small scaled CS maps. And the level is getting tougher for each stage with a very tough final. Works good if not better online with a friend.

Satchel boosting maps. Very cool package to practice and compete with damage boosting.

agtricks, bunnyrace_beta2, boot_camp, hazard course played Backwards. Plus a reversed bonus video. Bunnyrace dedicated to bloodvez)

E: Trippy version

I remember playing kz_levelup a while ago on navi’s jump server in AG. Pretty challenging but I disliked the concept of having to collect the keys in order to advance to the next stage, as some of them would’ve allowed for some cool skips.

agtricks in 31.32:

Now do it with 250fps! :smiley:

Pretty cool run though, finally something that beats quadrazid.