HL2EP1DQ Video


Reddit is pretty awesome… Here is your typical Redditor: http://imgur.com/P9AO0


It seems I’ve been turned on.


Congratulations! ;D

E: lol; Insane quality – 108 MB
And what about the different timings? 35m, 37m


Yay :smiley:

But I think they screwed up with the qualities :stuck_out_tongue:


About time. o,o’

Still, kinda sucks that ep2 won’t be allowed. They should really allow sequals to games already run with scripts to be TAS as well.


At the same time this could get a lot of publicity for that reason.

EP1. The last scripted speedrun.


I would rather have it the other way around. One thing I could get behind though is having both scripted and non-scripted runs, much like we have segmented and single-segment.



I lol’d at this:
Low quality: <…> 56.8 MB
High quality: <…> 674 MB – torrent
Insane quality: <…> 108 MB – torrent
Extreme quality: <… 1.57 GB

It seems like “Instane quality” is actually Medium quality :smiley:


CELEBRATIONS. BREAK OUT THE… CIDER. (I’m still too young to drink legally :’( )

Yeah, the timing’s a bit weird, but I guess since we skipped out on all of the partial seconds, we mis-timed it. I do get the feeling that the _2 demos were counted as well, which is a bit of a problem, but oh well. We know we own.

So glad that it’s done, and uploaded, and over. Shame, if they’d waited another 29 days, it’d be exactly 2 years since we started the run. To think, I started this during GCSE’s. My god.

Well done all. I know we’ve kinda broken apart a bit. Hopefully ep2 will get better and more active, along with all the mod runs that seem to occur now and then.

I love you all. You guys are like, my best friends. I know I’m getting all tearful, but I just need you all to know I don’t know what I’d do without you, and you’re all my brothers. Oh god.


Congratulations guys!

It took some time before SDA managed to get the run up but now it’s official at least: You guys rock! ;D

It took some time but I still remember when Inexistence contacted me about getting a team together to run EP1. A handful brave men joined forces and finished the fight!

Nice job guys and congratulations on getting it official.


I actually read all of the comments. I’m not even sure why, I wrote some of them. :-\


I did the exact same thing, except I wrote MOST of them.

I wrote MOST of them.

I showed you most of what you talked about so nyah. :stuck_out_tongue:


To all you guys:

I love you all


Aww, we love you too :3


Apparently the video on SDA has been having some problems. Anyone care to solve the mystery?



At last, SDA! opening bottle of vodka, drinking


Fuck, that’s how I should have celebrated. Opportunity lost.


Some of the video’s don’t work. Can someone talk to Mike or somink. I don’t want to have to get IRC. :-\


I think they’re working on it