HL2EP1DQ Video


So, job’s done. Total time of 35:31 on hard difficulty.

**Stream here: http://www.youtube.com/user/sourceruns#p/c/1ECDC3122D79C310 (YouTube Playlist)
or download it here:
Insane quality: 10000kbps 1280*720 vid, 320kpbs audio, 192kbps commentary, 3.0GB
http://dl.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_iq.mkv (W US)
http://dl2.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_iq.mkv (E US)

High quality: 5000kbps 1280*720 vid, 320kpbs audio, 192kbps commentary, 1.57GB
http://dl.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_hq.mkv (W US)
http://dl2.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_hq.mkv (E US)

Normal quality: 2500kbps 720*400 vid, 192kpbs audio,192kbps commentary, 843MB
http://dl.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_mq.mkv (W US)
http://dl2.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_mq.mkv (E US)

Low quality: 1000kbps 720*400 vid, 128kpbs audio, 96kbps commentary, 358MB
http://dl.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_lq.mkv (W US)
http://dl2.sourceruns.org/ep1/hl2ep1dq_lq.mkv (E US)

Insane quality:


Commentary Subtitles
French (Thanks to Djon)



IQ here I come! Thanks Doxily. ;D


Thanks dude. I’ll post it everywhere I can now. Trying to download normal quality, as I’m only getting 10kb/s anyway. Bring on the http links, or more seeds!


I think it would’ve been a far better idea to release it just among the team first, so we can all download it and seed it, and then release to the public. Right now I have 9 peers at the same level I am, no seeds, getting 2 kb/s on the Normal Quality run :frowning:


I wouldn’t know. I think my Mum turned off my PC (don’t ask me why) so I’m probably not downloading it at the moment which has its own problems…

But yeah, more seeds would have helped. Maybe we could even host the video here? :smiley:

EDIT1: Also are we going to put this on our sourceruns channel on youtube? :-\


Holy smokes!!! That was amazing!!! I think I have a new favourite speedrun now :-*


Added LQ torrent link
Now stopped seeding all qualities except HQ until it have at least one more seed.

HQ seeding is done, now doing the same with IQ
HTTP links for MQ and LQ available


87.1% on IQ. Will upload to our channel when it’s done. :slight_smile:


I love you nerdlings


Insane here I come. Tomorrow. Thanks doxliy, have you received the commentary yet, preferably with my shout-out not edited out :smiley:


Commentary are included as separate audio track in all video qualities. Shout out not edited. I was nearly fall from my chear when heard it :o

P.S. added HQ HTTP link
I won’t upload IQ version but will seed it thru torrent


Heheh. I don’t think he meant when he “shouted” but the “shout-out” which is where you reference someone. :wink:


From what I recall I think he shouted his shout-out? ;D


I shout everything, the only reason I was talking quietly is because I had a minor headache.



Subs: http://sourceruns.org/ep1/ep1dq-english-subs.zip
Transcript: http://sourceruns.org/ep1/transcript.zip

I haven’t revised them yet, so there may be errors. I’ll fix them if you find any.


I watched the run yesterday with the commentary on. God damn, that was very entertaining and interesting! I did watch all of your demos as you posted them on HL2DQ (which is sourceruns.org now), but even though I’ve seen all the demos and read most of the stuff it was still really interesting to hear you comments on the maps, the running/tricks and some highly random things that made the commentary feel more entertaining (ie. Cool’s shout-out and other funny comments)

A job well done! The run is looking very nice but I realized what a dark game EP1 is, mainly due to the citadel-maps but - oh well, that’s not your fault… :stuck_out_tongue: On a side-note, my computer barely was able to play the low-res version of the video - my computer can’t even low-res speedruns these days!

Nicely done all of you planners, runners, video-editors etc. And thanks for adding my name in the credits even though I don’t think my input helped more than to give some extra motivation at times perhaps :slight_smile:

Edit: Basically, like some of you Brittish runners might put it: The run was bloody awesome! :wink:


Sweet. Downloading IQ, then I’ll chuck it up on my file mirror and post a link :3

EDIT: Using cURL to copy the non-torrent files to my server. (They are still copying)

Server Location: CA,USA

Current progress:
Low Quality: Done.
Normal: Done.
High: Done.
IQ: Done.


Nice! Updated first post with these links


No problem!
I was originally going to talk to you guys about hosting it a while back (Before it was completed), but I never got around to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry guys, I cant watch the run :-
This pc goes slowmotion with thoose 60fps videos. And it seems like LQ also is 60fps ??? ??? ???
I hopefully have my new rig up and running soon though :>